Birthday At Sunway Lagoon II

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Raimie loves water. Let him play in the bathroom, and he can happily play there for hours! (and we'll have a headache paying the water bill. Huhuhu)

We were lucky that the sun favoured us and no rain at all on Tuesday.

Raimie at the Surf Beach, playing with the sand. He didn't make sandcastle that day.

Relaxing in the water at the wave pool at the Waters of Africa. Mama was pooped, but Raimie was still going strong even after hours playing.

Not many visitors to Sunway Lagoon on Tuesday even though it was a school hoilday since it was a working day. So, there wasn't a huge crowd, which was fine to us.

Raimie spent so much time in the water that his feet got "kecut".

It wasn't painful for Raimie, but sure was painful for me to see his feet flaking like that!


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