Raimie's Birthday Celebration At Sunway Lagoon

Some photos of our day at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (well, mostly at the wet park because it was too hot to play at the dry park). It was a blast and Raimie sure had fun on his birthday.

We were out from our house at 10.00, and after having breakfast at our fave Mamak stall, we were off to Sunway Lagoon. Got there before 11.00, and since it was a weekday not many people at the park.

First off - photo with the Mascot.

Mama made me pose with this duck. I don't want to!!!! I'm way too cool now. :D

Roller coasting with Mama

Help! I'm caught!

Next - fun on the slides. No more pirate ship at the kidddie area. Plenty of slides for Raimie to play.


  1. bestny mama dia bawak pi sunway

  2. yatie,
    memang best. Mama dia pun seronok berendam! :D


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