Yummy Burger

After the trip to have a haircut for Raimie, we decided to stop by at a burger stall (actually this one is more of a mobile business type) for a burger fix.

Clean and organised mobile stall. They sell burgers, drinks, roti john and even keropok lekor and goreng pisang (fried banana) here

Zaini eating a Nasi Lemak

Our special beef burger, with plenty of chilli sauce and mayonaisse. Not something to be eaten daintily :P May look gross, but this is waaayy better than any McD burgers!

The meal is finished with a nice cup of cincau drink. Refreshing :-)

p.s. even though the oil price had already dropped, you won't be seeing any place lowering their price that they raised when Government decided to raise the price earlier!


  1. Got a good "double special beef burger plus cheese" at my housing area price at RM3.80...it's yummy.

  2. Is that a Ramlee burger!? I love them. It cost RM2.50 when I last ate.

  3. i love ramly burger jugak....
    off course i would say..husband cook lagi sedap...
    alamak hungry la..opps puasa today

  4. @bintang,
    kat mana tu? Boleh gi try. :-)

    yes, Ramlee Burger.
    Ramlee Burger is banned in Singapore right? Come over and I buy you one. :-)

    Sedap ye Kheirul masak. Order satu! :P


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