Another Set Of Uniform

Went out yesterday despite a hurting knee because we needed to go to a uniform shop and buy Raimie's Boy Scout uniform. Good God! A set of these sure doesn't come cheap!

I joked to the sales staff that we should just ask my son to change to PBSM (Red Cross) instead as that'll be cheaper!

When I was in Standard Four, I wanted to join the Girl Guide but the uniform cost scared me and I didn't want to ask so much money from my parents to buy them. How much did it cost me to buy a set of Girl Guide uniform in 1985? A whopping RM40.00! How much did I fork out for this uniform? A mere RM165.00 (yeah, mere!). Time sure has change.

I'm looking forward to my son's Boy Scout activities, as does Zaini. We hope that he'll be tougher and more outgoing by joining Boy Scout. *^-^*

Raimie  - Buat Habis Baik!


  1. That's pretty expensive for a uniform! So you are hoping Raimie will be less shy joining Boy Scout?

  2. @foong,
    I'm hoping for a tougher boy. HEck! I was tougher that Raimie is when I was his age! LOL

    The uniforms - well, we got the whole set (from cap to shoes to badges) for that price. But yeah, sure hurt the wallet to pay for them! XD

  3. oh finally Raimie was convinced to join the boy scount?? haha, sure it was your effort?? :p

  4. i still remember i join the boy scout when i was in primary 6.. can't remember how much i paid for the uniform, but definitely less than RM40..

  5. RM165 now for a set of boy scount uniform, wow!! that is a little expensive don't you think so?? that's even more expensive than one set of my working clothes, haha!! :D

  6. @SK,
    LOL. You sure your work clothes cost less than that ah? XD

    Raime joining the boy scout - first physco the Dad. Then after Dad kena pyscho, both convince the Son pulak. :D

    Next project - try to brainwash both of them and get them agree for Son to join Tae Kwon Do. :)

  7. wee..chayo chayo to Raime, hehe

  8. Whoa! He sure looks smart in full uniform. One for the album, eh? So, it's the Boy Scouts that won. Inflation is the root of holes in the pocket. LOL!

  9. @HappySurfer,
    He sure does, doesn't he? :)

    Yeah, Boy Scout won! Yeay!

  10. Boy Scouts do wonders to help boys become upstanding young men. If you are having problems affording the uniform, talk with the leader of his Pack (if in Cub Scouts) and/or Troop (if in Boy Scouts), they have options to help pay for them.

  11. @Anon,
    That's good to know. Thanks for sharing. :)


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