At The Park : Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya

Our weekend mornings are usually spent with us heading to Taman Putra Perdana in Putrajaya for a spot of fresh air. This park sees plenty of joggers and also what seem to be the favourite sport to play at this park - Badminton.
A hilly park, with an awesome view.
I like running this path and managed to overexert myself and hurt my knees sprinting up and down it last weekend. Ouch!

There is a nice flight of stairs leading tup o Shangri La Hotel right across the park where one can run up and down, pretending to be Rocky. LOL
 or you can head here for a less challenging workout.

Where do you head to for fresh air?


  1. Wow nice! Love the parks and all those greeneries!!

  2. Oh yes! I remember that nice flight of stairs leading to Shangrila Hotel! I like that place!

  3. putrajaya is just too far away for me, somemore early in the morning on a beautiful sunday?? haha, i usually am still sleeping~~ :D

  4. but i actually quite like putrajaya, for the nice landscaping and beautiful architecture of the buildings in that area..

  5. i think i really rarely go to any park at all.. hmmm, guess my lifestyle isn't so healthy huh?? anyway, i've been to FRIM for some sweaty trekking just recently~~ :p

  6. @foong,
    Parks in Putrajaya are all very nice and green. Gotta love them! :)

    Wah, you've been to Shari-La Putrajay. So envy! XD

  7. @SK,
    I always feel Putrajaya residents are so lucky to have all these parks right at their backyard for them to utilise. For us, we actually have to drive in to the park from Seri Kembangan. :D

    You don't go to park? Never mind lah. You do something else, right? ^-^. I wanna visit FRIM but it is too far for me.

    Still sleeping ah in the early mornings? I also want to sleep, but this yeat we made sure we wake up early and do something healthy together. :)

  8. pernah ke Putrajaya time masih belajar dulu..4,5 tahun lalu rasanya..huhu

  9. @zezebel,
    Putrajaya besar. Where did you visit? Any stops to any of the many parks there?

  10. yeah, Putrajaya has many beautiful and large parks, but did u notice that the parks actually quiet and silence? not much people go there to do something recreation activities.

  11. @Anon,
    I agree with you. Compared to other parks - Lake Garden, Titiwangsa, etc the parks in Putrajaya are quiet.

    But then, I do like it that way. ^^

  12. Hi, would like to ask if the park allow group activities? Like family day? If yes where can I get permission for that?


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