The Head Honcho This Year

Zaini told me not to brag (i.e. gloat about it in my blog), but how can I not?

Raimie got selected as his class Ketua Kelas (class head?) this year. It may be nothing for you guys, but remember - my son is rather shy especially around adults. For him to get noticed and selected by the teacher to bear the responsibility is for me, an achievement.

So far, he happily reported loving his new post. He told me that the only thing his class teacher wanted him to improve was for him to talk louder. And did you know what he asked for a treat for being selected as Ketua Kelas? A facebook account! Kids these days...


  1. wow!! that's cool news.. ketua kelas is always nominated by teachers directly, that means your boy is really a model student in the eyes of the teacher..

  2. but being the ketua kelas, raimie needs to show his leadership so that other classmates will be convinced.. maybe talk louder and more confidently will help.. :)

  3. haha!! a facebook account!! i think no harm to allow him have one, but just to make sure he will not get too addicted on FB until neglecting his studies.. :)

  4. @SK,
    He won the "exemplary srudent" award twice in a row for his class before. ^-^

    Yes, he needs to learn good leadership from now on and of course be more confident. I hope he can step up to the challenge! :)

  5. facebook account? ehehe better add auntie ayie too!

    That's great job Raimie!

  6. @Ayie,
    LOL I'll let him know and add Auntie Ayie. :)

  7. Wah wah.. hebat anak!

    That's really a good treat. Proud mother, Lina,

    Facebook account? Alamak! But look on the bright side, it is free; haha!

  8. @Ladyviral,
    I sure am a proud mother. :)

    Yup, lucky FB is free. But I need to check on him from time to time. As it is, he doesn't like me to hover behind him when he is opening/accessing his FB! Talk about early teenage behaviour! LOL

  9. Hahah! Well, add him into your account too. Then you will know what he is up to :P.

    Just make sure he don't get addicted to games and end up asking for your credit card.

  10. congrats to Raimie. u must be very proud of him. most kids are into FB these days, and my kids are no exception. at least Raimie has the courtesy to ask your permission to open an account unlike mine. but whether they like it or not, i only let them log in their FB accounts during hols.

  11. @LR,
    Raimie only logs on on weekends too. No internet for him of school days. :)

    I am indeed proud of him. Now, if only he agrees to join Tae Kwon Do - I'd be happier. Talk about Mommy's pressure. XD

  12. @LV,
    Yes, I've been added as his friends already. :)

    With Nintendo Wii, DSi and the gamut of games he has, he'd better not be addicted to FB games!

    Ask for my credit card? Well, he and his dad are always asking whether I have USD in my paypal account. They both keep wanting games that are not yet/not sold in Malaysia. Sheesh!

  13. class monitor macam lebih sesuai hehe..fb account tu, even my little brother pun ada, budak2 zaman sekarang, tak nak ketinggalan..hehe

  14. FB account? kids these days.. but i guess it's good that he asks you instead of opening one without your knowledge. maklumlah class monitor already, nak add kawan2 dalam class.. hehe

  15. @Bella,
    He is raised to always, always seek consent from his parents first. And I always monitor his activities despite his annoyance. LOL

    Yeah, he added his school friends and all his uncles and aunts too. ;)

  16. Good on you Raimie :D Now you can bully everyone in class, I know I would ... LOL!

    But seriously, good for you :D

  17. Whoa! Class Monitor! A lot of clout though comes with additional duties. Congrats, Raimie and you too. I'm sure you and Zaini are proud parents.

  18. @Nick,
    You are a bad example lah! LOL

    Yeah, I think it'll be good for him too. :)

  19. @HappySurfer,
    He's bee complaining about the extra duties. XD
    But I do think the responsibilities will good for him. :)


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