That Surprise Public Holiday On Friday

It was really nice to get a public holiday on the last day of 2010 because of our footie team's success in securing the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time.

I'm lucky I don't need to be in the office on Friday, as most of my colleagues still needs to clock in because they need to close their respective accounts by Jan 6. Phew to that!

Our day was spent by first, hitting Berjaya Times Square.
Christmas decorations are still up yet you can already hear Chinese New Year songs blaring from shops.  We were at Berjaya Times Square to send our Nintendo Wii for repair. Just two months old and it already has problems. Tsk tsk
Then, we hit Fahrenheit 88 because I wanted to buy new pair of pants to replace my old and much loved Uniqlo pants I got in Kobe a few years ago. Not much luck though, and we went back empty handed.
Walking around the area, we saw preparations for the New Year's celebration in full swing.
And saw this group giving out free hugs at Sungei Wang Plaza. But people mostly approached them to help take photos instead of getting hugs. 
After braving the jam to and from the Bukit Bintang area, we went to Tesco Kajang to buy groceries and made a stop at Professor - the one stop centre for any uniforms your school-going children may need. Bought Raimie's uniforms for his religious school here and we may return to buy his boy scout uniform soon. I love the friendly staff here. 
Raimie wanted to eat Pizza when we went out on Dec 25th, but we didn't think our guest that day would want to eat pizza so we promised Raimie we'll eat pizza the next time we go out. Promises need to be kept and Raimie got his pizza for dinner. Gooey, sticky extreme lava pizza with 6 different cheese. Salty...


  1. saya sudah lapar tgk makanan.....

  2. Oh you could have told me! I was totally up for pizza that evening! :-)
    Mmmmm, pizza... I wonder what my mister is going to make for dinner tonight. But I bet it's not pizza.

  3. @Yatie,
    Hahaha... makan, makan. jgn x makan lepas ni. :D

  4. @A,
    Well, I wasn't keen in going to Pizza Hut that night, actually. :D Anyway, I was hellbent in getting you eat something from this part of the world. ;)

    So, what's for dinner tonight? I bet it's good. :)

  5. haha, yeah!! that was really a pleasant surprise!! a little messy though because we need to clear things off on thursday itself..

  6. but still, not need to work on friday is a very happy thing to me.. i really slept till 10:30am that day to replenish the sleep i've been so deprived of for the week, hahaha~~ :D

  7. wow, still dare to go to BB area on the new year's eve ah?? lots of road closure and packed with people leh, i'll avoid going there..

  8. hehe, pizza hut?? we just had that on christmas eve lah.. errr, yeah, the cheezy lava is kind of salty, but i find out if you add-on the hawaiian chicken then the sweet pineapple can somehow neutralise the saltiness.. :)

  9. What is the Free Hugs all about??

  10. I wonder if they really need to declare Fri a public holiday just because we won the match. So do we get a week off if we win World Cup or F1? But I'm not complaining although I'm already on holiday! Better if they make Mon 3rd Jan as public holiday! : D

  11. @SK,
    That Friday off caused us to run in a state of panic on Thursday too! So many things with deadlines on 31st that need to be done on 30th! But for me, never mind that as long as I got my extra day off. :D

    Yalah, crazy eh? Go to Bukit Bintang on Xmas eve. Hehe... Luckily I wasn't the one driving, so I can just zzzzz the trip away. ;)

    Pizza - ok. Noted on the counter measure to lessen the saltiness. :)

  12. @foong,
    Have no idea. Didn't ask. Maybe I would've "gatal" and ask if there was a "lengchai" there. Hahaha

    That free holiday. Maybe they don't but then. it's so hard to see our footie team doing well nowadays. But to get another holiday, I think yalar - need to win World Cup or something. LOL

    Cannot decalre Jan 3rd holiday lah. School starts that day. Then all pplan will go lagi haywire! o.O

  13. bad.. ko tak get the hug ka?? hiksss ini la masa nya kan?? adoii laaa :D

    Selamat Tahun Baru Bad !!

  14. @dot,
    x kose aku. baik peluk incik zaini. muekeke

  15. my boss insisted we had to carry on as everything was oledi planned

  16. @bengbeng,
    aiyah... so no extra rest that day. Get replacement afterwards or not?

  17. Lucky you for that holiday, we hardly get one here but good thing hubs filed the rest of his 2010 leave during the holidays season so we had a full week together with daddy.

  18. @Ayie,
    Yeah.. lucky. And we are soooo proud of our football team for winning too! :)

    Spending a week holidaying together - that was nice, right? :)


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