Lake Garden : A Walk In The Park

Apart from Taman Putra Perdana in Putrajaya, another park Zaini and I always frequent is the Lake Garden.

What can you do at the park? Plenty. For starters:
Working out while out enjoying the fresh air. Jogging is always a popular activity, as is walking. Or maybe a bit of exercise at the exercise station?
There's always a photo-shoot or two at Lake Garden. Be it for a publication, wedding photo shoots or just photography enthusiasts with their models.
Playing badminton and cycling are popular too. And there is a Qigong (or is it Tai-Chi?) practitioners in front of the lake.
Playing at the playgrounds will make any kid (or kid at heart) happy, by just running around or maybe a swing or two?
After all the workout, and you developed an appetite; a picnic with the family should be nice.
We love to stop at a nearby cafe and have breakfast there, after all the workout we did. All those calories burnt earlier was always got offset by what we ate for breakfast at the Lake Garden! It's a popular spot for those at the park so finding an empty table can be difficult. My favourite breakfast at Lake Garden is Nasi Ambeng.

What's your favourite outdoor activities?


  1. I enjoy walking in park too!

  2. i would just love to walk briskly and enjoy the fresh air.

  3. @Jenn & Wenn,
    It's fun to be at the park, right? :)

  4. I wish I could say I had an outdoor activity :) Most everything I do is indoors including exercise. There is no park like this near my place. If there was I'd be out there people watching :)

  5. @jellybelly,
    As long as you are active, doesn't matter indoors or outdoors, right? ^-^

    I love people watching too! If I'm not working out, I will be doing exactly that too. XD

  6. i love to jog or hike when it comes to being with the natural environment! i wonder if it is because of having the cold wind in our faces, or the food we always get to enjoy to its fullest after, but i definitely welcome a trip to the park. :)

  7. Lake Gardens is a great place for evening walks or just a chill-out time for families.

  8. @levian,
    Nothing beats fresh air. :)

  9. @Mei Teng,
    It certainly is. And a great place to brushing up on photography taking skills too. :)

  10. OMG, Lake Garden eih?? seems so distant for me as i've only been there once i think and it was like 20 years ago~~

  11. didn't find anything interesting there actually, just a boring park.. but then hey, from your photo i think things had changed a lot yeah??

  12. actually i enjoy doing picnic in a park, but then definitely not in malaysia because of the weather.. cannot stand sitting there, warm and stung by mosquitoes.. haha!!

  13. @SK,
    Nothing much to do at Lake Garden? No way!

    I'm posting up more posts about the other gardens at Lake Garden in future, so stay tuned for more interesting stuff to do there. :D

    Come picnic in the morning lah - when the breeze is cool and the sun is yet high up in the sky. Bring mosquito repellent too! XD

  14. I've actually been wanting to try running here but haven't come around to it. Maybe the CNY holidays will be just the right time to try it :D

  15. @Nick,
    You haven't? Then you just have to run there during the holidays! :)

    I myself have to take easy on the running (not that I run all that much) - I managed to injure myself and still recovering even after a week and a half. Ouch!

  16. Whoa! A hearty breakfast after the workout. Nice. We need more gardens like this one. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

    Happy holiday, Lina..

  17. Btw, hope you don't have any relative or friend in Johore where the floods are.

  18. @HappySurfer,
    We need more parks too, esp for those who are not lucky enough to have their own gardens.

    Yes, we always eat heartily for breakfast and light lunch and dinner. :)

    Lucky, no relatives affected by the flood in Johor. Hope those who are stay safe.

  19. Oh no !!!
    cant imagine how u can eat Nasi Ambang for breakfast!!!
    ni tentu kompem sedap hingga menjilat jari ni...

  20. @Su,
    Hahaha... tadak hal makan nasi Ambang for breakfast - if it's those nasi ambang in dulang; then yes! I'll be having a hard time eating it! XD

    Memang sedap sangat-sangat. Kalau gi Lake Garden, tak miss makan punya. ;)


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