Is It Prayer Time? A Visit To The National Mosque

We made it to Masjid Negara (National Mosque) after the Asar prayer  on Saturday, Dec 25th.; after our visit to the Islamic Arts Museum and also to the KTM Railway Station nearby.
Our visit to Masjid Negara marked Anna's first visit to a mosque. We were happy and honoured to be the first to bring her to one. *^-^*
Don't worry if you are not properly attired to visit the mosque. There's those funky purple robes that you can wrap yourself in while touring the Masjid Negara that you can borrow. I, myself prefer to be wrapped in my own set of clothes.
Inside the mosque. Just imagine this area will be filled to the brim during Friday prayers. That'll be an awesome sight (and photo op too!)
The main prayer hall.

While muslims are free to enter the main prayer hall(to pray), it's off limits for tourists. There are mosque's staff and also volunteers to assist visitors on any question you might have  (about the mosque or Islam) while visiting the National Mosque. And friendly people, they are too. Feel free to ask them plenty of questions - it's highly encouraged to do so. You may get freebies if you do, but they come in form of books on Islam.
 A shiny, shiny donation box
Enjoying the view, both the interior of the mosque and also the surrounding areas.
The courtyard.

Would you visit Masjid Negara someday if you hadn't done so?


  1. Wow, that mosque is very modern! First time seeing that design.

  2. @Ayie,
    Yeay! You're indeed first! :)

    Yes, it is a modern looking museum. Not the typical image one would associate with a mosque - domes, minarets all around and all. Check out <a href="</a> for an overall look of the museum. She has an awesome shot posted up. :)

  3. a calming place. but i dont think is allowed for us non tourists to b there.. remember the fuss in the papers by the politicians?

    anyway my grandmother was of Muslim ancestry or so it is believed :)

  4. @bengbeng,
    That is for a neighborhood mosque. The hooha over that is as much religious senstivities as it was to gain political mileage by creating fuss and discord amongst the populace. Much like the fuss over the issue from Najib's aide about the issue of eliminating rosaries or any Christian symbol from a Christmas do hosted by Catholic Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam.

    National Mosque is one of the mosque open for visitors. I personally think it is great if the mosque is open for non-muslims, if care and proper respect is given so as to create a mutual understanding and respect towards each other's religion. Of course, a place of religion should not be used for one's own political ambition. That's just wrong.

    Anyway, what's a tourist. Shouldn't someone local i.e Malaysian keen on the building and maybe get an insight from the many volunteers at the mosque be considered a tourist too? But then, I wasn't needed to sign of the register book when I visited the mosque. Muslims doesn't count into the quotation. We should just go there to pray not sightsee, I guess.

  5. A very interesting discussion going on here.
    Personally (and I'm of no religion), I think that places and houses of worship should welcome all, regardless of the visitors religious denomination (or lack thereof). I mean, how else can you show others the beauty of your own faith and the strength it gives you? Such openness fosters mutual respect and understanding.
    I enjoyed my visit to this mosque very much, and it was definitely the highlight of my visit to KL!

  6. And as for signing the book. If a tourist (foreigner) looked Malaysian (or more Asian than I do) would he/she be asked to sign the book? I got a distinct feeling they were only "fishing out" those who looked obviously foreign.

  7. @Anna,
    Indeed.I had that feeling too. I was just ignored by the mosque official at the visitors' entrance, if you remember. They were only talking to me because of you! ;) Hence the title - because maybe we were supposed to visit for prayer so no census taking from us, "Malaysian" looking tourist?

    However, the officials and volunteers at the prayer hall did approach everyone including myself. I was discussing about the "Halal" matters with the lady staff while you were interviewing that guy. :)

    I totally agree about a place of worship being open to all. What we learn from each other can do away a lot of misunderstanding about a particular religion and the followers. But of course, what do I know?

    Glad you enjoyed the visit. :)

  8. i really have not visited the national mosque, only passed by all the time and never get in at all..

  9. i didn't know it's open to public and tourists.. haha, how silly i am!! i actually visited the mosque in putrajaya~~

  10. it's really a huge place!! and i can imagine how grand the place would be during the friday afternoon prayer, when the whole place is crowded with people.. grand!!

  11. @SK,
    and I have yet visited the Putrajaya Mosque. Only go there for the parks. :) We should make an effort and go, someday.

    Friday - definitely a sight to behold and not to mention the grand traffic jam too!

  12. The mosque is so clean and shiny! It's really quite beautiful.

  13. @Lynne,
    It is, isn't it. It's nice being in the mosque - the serene atmosphere and the cooling feeling away from the outdoor heat.

    How are you doing today? Feeling all better?

  14. Ahhh... the mosque in Putrajaya. It's on my list for the next trip to Malaysia. :-)

  15. @Anna,
    Tell us when you are visiting again. We'll follow you around. :D

  16. @Yatie,
    memang boleh sesat. Besar!

  17. Well, I am looking for an excuse to come this summer to buy more books :-) hehehe...

  18. Ooh! I have not entered this mosque before. Only passed by and also saw the mini size model at Taman Tamadun Islam in Kuala Terengganu : )

  19. @Anna,
    You know, we've been talking - Zaini & I. Next time you are here, we'll take you back to both our hometowns.

    Then, we can visit the miniature mosque parks I mentioned to you, and the one that cute panda mentioned in his comment and look at all the mosques in the world. ;)

  20. @foong,
    I want to make a visit there too, after seeing all those photos from you, someday!

  21. Very nice pictures of a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing, Lina, otherwise I might never get to see it.

    (Another turquoise roofed-building - and attractive too.)

  22. @HappySurfer,
    My pleasure, HS. :)

  23. Yay! I can't wait! But if I go again, I'll have very limited time again, that's the only problem. :(


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