A New School Year!

Another year, and a year older.

Raimie enters Standard 3 this year. My oh my. He's already a big boy. How time flies, eh?

I'm not taking any leave today, but Zaini is; to pay his school fees and whatnot. I bet there'll still be crying Standard 1 pupils at school and some reporters running around trying to interview parents at school.

This year, Raimie needs to be involved in co-curriculum activities after school. We strongly suggested him to join Boy Scout despite his interest to join PBSM (Red-Cross).  I still am trying to influence both the son and father to let Raimie join Tae Kwon-Do this year, well... because Mommy joined when she was in school. We'll see how that goes.

I hope he'll do well in school this year too; and not just for the academics. It'll be great if he does well in sports and other activities too. But any either way, we want him to have a fun and fulfilling year in 2011 and does his best in everything. And we'll still love him regardless. ^-^


  1. Another vote for TaeKwonDo here! Auntie Anna did TaeKwonDo while in school, too. And was pretty decent at it, if her memory serves her right in this old age. :-)

    I'm sure Raimie will have a splendid year at school! :-)

  2. many parents are taking leave to bring their kids to the school.. kids nowadays are really lucky, i don't remember our parents purposely take leave and bring us to school.. right?? :)

  3. i guess new students' parents will not be working until couple of days later right?? haha.. good, perhaps there's like 10% less traffic in the morning?? geez~~

  4. why are there so many activities and classes for them to join?? they really have a lot to learn huh?? time are really different now i guess.. :p

  5. @Anna,
    You did TKD too? Cool!

    Raimie's mommy wasn't all that good - she didn't like sparring that much but she loved the training. :)

    I so need to influence those two more.

    So far so good for Raimie. He's been elected head of this class. *^-^*

  6. @SK,
    My parents never send me to school oso. First day of school, my dad just dropped me off and an older friend took me to my class. So yes, kids nowadays are sooooo lucky.

    And yeah, kids need to join so many activities now! My son told me, not only that he has to join one uniform body (Boy Scout for him), he needs to join one club and one sports club too. His choice - Science club and for sports : pin pong (so wimpy kan! LOL)

    All that activities on top of going to school and then religious school in the evening too! o.O

  7. You've got a good head on your shoulders, Lina. It's not just academics, kids need to be well-rounded, including having some fun in school. Maybe he's aspiring to be a doctor?

  8. @HappySurfer,
    I am so hoping that he'll have a non-white collar, corporate aspirations. I'm perfectly happy if he wants to be a rocker! LOL

    He likes science so maybe that's why he thinks its more fun joining PBSM. ^-^.

  9. aku stuju part kita let them to have fun.. hmmm nak kena fikir kan untuk anis adam gak nih. thanks bad..

    selamat kembali ke skolah Raimie.. :D

  10. @dot,
    tapi kan... enjoy enjoy gak. studi pun kena gak. anak aku tu pemaleh, macam mak dia. huhuhu

  11. I bet he'll do well in school, don't worry mommy.

  12. @Ayie,
    He's pretty much a Mommy's boy. He is very similar to me - I was never a student that can concentrate or study much. I tried to get out of the classroom as much as possible. So, I hope he wasn't as bad as I was. ^-^


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