Night Market At Jalan TAR

A visit to Jalan TAR's night market was our last activity for the day on Christmas Day after spending the day gallivanting around town.
Let's see. A recap of the places we went to on Dec 25th:
a nostalgic trip back in time at KTM Railway Station
a stop at the Islamic Arts Museum and also to the National Mosque
and heading to Dapur Penyet in Maju Junction for dinner (and got to use a particularly funky smelling toilet there!)

Phew! A really packed day for us and we loved every minute of it! The company we had that day helped tremendously to make our day trip in our own backyard interesting. I sure hope she had as much fun as we did that day! Anna, thanks to you, we got to enjoy our own backyard that we took for granted!
What's that written on the arch? It said Jalan Melayu or Malay Street. You go to Jalan TAR night market (or the nearby rows and rows of shops) if you want to shop for all things Malay.
Jalan TAR night market is always packed - if you hate crowds, don't come here. If you like jostling with other people and soak in the atmosphere, don't miss it. The night market was as crowded as when Jalan TAR has the Bazaar Ramadhan on.
There are plenty of food sold and you'd be spoilt for choice if you visit this night market (or any other night market in Malaysia). We got ourselves some chicken satay and just asked the vendor to douse our satay with the peanut sauce and not put it separately. We wanted to eat them PRONTO! XD
Zaini enjoying his satay and Raimie was concetrating eating his favourite fruit - jackfruit.

Check out Anna's awesome video on Jalan TAR night market at here.


  1. Jackfruit!!! It was delicious!!! I drool every time I see it in that video... :-)

  2. @Anna,
    Jackfruit is not a seasonal fruit, so you can feast on them anytime if you come here again. :)

    Be careful though - the fruit can give you gas. (~_^)

  3. i really have not been to Jalan TAR for many many many years.. i was there almost everyday because my school was there..

  4. used to hang around Chow Kit and Tiong Nam area, i still remember we change uniform and went to McD after our co-curiculum day on saturday..

  5. but for sure the place has changed so much, the McD is no longer there, and all the supermarkets seems been tranformed to hotels and for other purpose.. that's what 20 years can do~~ :)

  6. night market!! haha, i love that, lots of things to buy and especially lots of nice yummy snacks and food.. :)

  7. @SK,
    I only visit this area like, once a year - for Raya shopping. Like you, I used to frequent this place a LOT because my college was right behind MARA Building. (The building has now gone to make way for a bigger, taller, better building).

    Yeah, love all those yummy (and unhealthy) snacks at Pasar Malam!

  8. Wah, the last time I went to this night market was about 8 years ago, at least i think it was that long ago. I haven't been to any pasar malam's in ages la, must visit one one of these days.

  9. @Nick,
    You havent been to one in ages? Because you always go to malls for your shopping! Not to mention, you eat healthily so no need to gorge on Pasar Malam food. Right? :)

  10. I haven't been to a pasar malam in ages and certainly not been to the one at Jalan TAR. Come to think of it, haven't been to Jalan TAR (as in walk along there) in ages too. Didn't know there's a Jalan Melayu there. Must be a shopping paradise for Malay products. I think that's nice.

  11. @HappySurfer,
    Well, you go to Jalan TAR if you want to buy either fabric, tudung and/or Malays wedding stuff. And oh yeah, Indian stuff too. Or if you want to hit Mydin for a bit of inexpensive shopping. Other than that, I am sure you will not be in Jalan TAR. ^-^

  12. share me some jackfruit too, my favorite!

    satays...i miss!

  13. @Ayie,
    You can eat all you want soon! :)


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