A Visit To Islamic Arts Museum

Read my previous posts on places we visited on Christmas Day, 2010 and having a ball being touristy and all:
a nostalgic trip back in time at KTM Railway Station.

That day, we also visited the Muzium Kesenian Islam (Islamic Arts Museum), just a short walk away from the railway station.We always passed by this museum on our way to Lake Garden on weekends but we never made a stop here, thinking that we would not be permitted into the museum with what we were wearing (shorts and sweaty shirts). Happy to inform you all, there is no strict dress code to the museum. But of course, be practical and dress appropriately.
The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) was officially opened on December 12, 1998 as a gift from the Albukhary Foundation, with the assistance of the Malaysian government and the Islamic Department of the Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM). 

The style of the museum building is modern, with an Islamic feel. On the roof, artisans turned the dome-construction traditions of Central Asia into the building’s crowning glory. The turquoise-coloured domes are now a landmark on the Kuala Lumpur skyline. 

Inside the building, the angularity of 21st century design is contrasted with the soft, rounded forms of the five domes that dominate the museum’s interior. I was completely smitten with the domes. Instead of trying to photograph any exhibits (or looking at them much), I spent my time there looking at the domes and making my neck hurt in the process. LOL 
Inverted dome

and more domes, with fabolous artistry


  1. huh?? there is such place in KL?? i really do not know at all.. haha, what a shame of me~~ :D

  2. i think i'd only think of to bring friends to KLCC and then eat there.. how pathetic eih?? haha~~ :D

  3. @SK,
    I don't think this museum is much on the tourist map? Or is it?

    It's near the National Mosque, before the Police Museum.

  4. @SK,
    Actually, before we met that day, I was hyper-ventilating on where to bring her around. I didn't want to bring her to KLCC (shame on me!) or any malls around KL.

  5. Very nice domes! Turquoise seems to be our signature color for roofs. We have that color for the two national buildings along Jln Tun Razak too but it's a nice color. What are the exhibits in there? Took any pictures of them?

  6. @HappySurfer,
    The exhibits are mostly things related to the Islamic world in general; from the Arab continent all the way to China.

    No, I didn't take any. Like I mentioned, I was too busy angling my neck towards the domes. XD

  7. dalam sehari tu banyak tempat ko bejalan. harus sakit2 kaki dibuat nya, semua tempat tu kena berjalan.. adoi laaa ko dari dulu mmg rajinnnnn berjalan2 ek??

  8. I had to plan another trip to KL another day to see the places you blog about.

    I was in a rush and too busy to call you. I didn't go anywhere during the new year period as there were crowds everywhere. Anyway, I was busy with the wedding preparations.

  9. @dot,
    dengan bangganya, dari 12pm sampai 9pm jenjalan tu - OK jah. Anak aku pun rilek je. Dah diasuh dari kecik ukur jalan berbatu-batu. Muekeke....

  10. @ECL,
    Well, we have the excuse to try and arrange a meet up some day. If not in KL, then maybe in Singapore. I want to visit all the places you blogged about too!

  11. kl..penatnya berjalan kat sana, terutama time ramai orang, uhuk uhuk..

  12. @zezebel,
    Penta ke? Kesian? Zezebel tak boleh jalan2 dgn kitaorg - we can walk around sightseeing 9 hours straight! XD

  13. That's a very good idea Lina :) Most people don't really know the cities they live in and I'm one of them. To think I grew up in this city. Something to put in my TO DO list.

  14. @jellybelly,
    Maybe I should visit you and ask you to bring me arounf. Then we can explore your city together. *^-^*

    Seriously though, I agree with you. Because it's right in front of us, sometimes we don't really care to explore our own backyard thinking that we can do it any time and yet ended up not doing it. :)

  15. The museum is very much on the tourist map - I found that out when riding the HopOn/Off bus a couple of days later.
    And hey, about what we did that night, here's a video.

  16. @Anna,
    Good to know tourists are aware of this little museum. But then, a lot of locals (i.e. my friends/colleagues) have no idea it existed. I happen to know because I visited it once, while interning with a semi-government body. But then, not many locals even visited the National Museum these days. :D

    The video - yeah. Watched it already. You used a song by Yassin, if I'm not mistaken? And I saw me in the video, looking busy pointing and making a pest of myself. LOL

  17. No, not a pest, just a lovely human touch :-)
    Yassin may not be exactly the type of music I was looking for but it will do. I also got a CD by M. Nasir, greatest hits or something. It's nice.

  18. @Anna,
    Oh yeah... M Nasir. Haven't been listening to his songs in like, a million years... He was one of my fave composer/song-writer with great songs when I was younger.

  19. I admit, that inverted dome has intricate designs and such a pleaser!

  20. @Ayie,
    Iranian artisans were brought in to do those lovely designs. Lovely, aren't they?

  21. I have also never entered this museum, just passed by it.

  22. But I like this area in KL, with the Bird Park, the Planetarium, Lake Gardens all nearby : )

  23. @foong,
    Most of us are likely to just pass by. But then, it may be too expensive to be a regular stop for anyone as the entrance fee is quite steep. RM12 per pax.

    I like this area too and have spent many weekends trawling the park and enjoying the scenery.


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