A Ladies' Lunch At Madam Kwan's

How much can two ladies eat? Quite a lot, it seems. XD

I had a date with a cool lady last week Monday and at first thought of having lunch at Little Penang Cafe but the queue there was quite intimidating (read: long) so the next best option was Madam Kwan's.

There was a queue at Madam Kwan's too but lucky for us two ladies, we were shown a table immediately. Yeay!
Our first order to arrive : ice longan & ice campur. Sweet...  No close up on these two though. I wish I had especially all those "treasure treats" in the ice campur.
 followed by fried rice
 and those delicious, crispy on the outside, moist and soft inside fried chicken
 then came otak-otak. Otak-otak is a kind of fish cake wrapped inside banana leaf.
I was forewarned by the staff that our orders of fried rice and char koay teow may come a bit slow because they were facing kitchen staff shortage that day (a few of them took sick leave, it seems) but happily both fried rice and this place of char koay teow came in good time. Decent plate of koay teow but I've had better. And I want cockles in my char koay teow!!! There were none in this plate.
and finally our stir fried vege with belacan. OMG! I didn't realise this dish contains petai (stinky beans). Althoug I am a huge fan of petai; this dish is not a good option if you are planning to talk to people face-to-face afterwards! Your breath will stink!

Despite the packed lunch crowd that day, the staff were nice enough to shift an empty table and join it to ours seeing that our table were laden with food. So yeah, I like the service at Madam Kwan's.

Zaini asked me why I didn't order Nasi Bojari instead, but I don't fancy much the Assam Prawns (too sour for me!). What's your favourite dish at Madam Kwan's?


  1. Wifey and me love eating out at Madam Kwan's. The food is decent and yes, what is koay teow without kerang :D

  2. been there last year..not too bad..

  3. Nick,
    That's why. Something missing if koay teow got no kerang. LOL

    Yeah, decent food here, but the price can be pretty undecent! XD

  4. @wenn,
    Cannot compare to the awesome real McCoy in Penang. :D

  5. wowwwww sedap nya otak2 dia. pastu kemain besauuuu lagik !! errrrr bila kita nak pi makan situ ek, bad??

  6. @dot,
    tunggu ko belanjer aku la... bila g? Muekeke

    Otak2 tu memang besau. x abih 2 orang makan. tapi reganya pun besau jugaks 17hinggit tu!

  7. hayyoooo 17hengget kah?? takpe bulih share ek?? aku bukan makan banyak pun.. kekeekkekek :D

  8. @dot,
    apa plak! Gaji ko beso. Gaji aku ciput jerks.... ko la belanja. heh heh

  9. wow, that's really quite a lot for two ladies huh?? infact i think i wouldn't be able to finish those also~~ :D

  10. my favourite dish in Madam Kwan is definitely the Nasi Bojari, hahaha!! infact i'd say that's the default one, whenever i go there i'll for sure order that without thinking of other alternatives.. :p

  11. if you do not like the prawns, i think you can always ask to substitute that with other things, i'm sure they are flexible enough to allow that..

  12. many staffs taking MC at the same day, hmmm, this is very common in restaurants lah.. especially on big festive days, for sure many will just get a fake MC, because they went countdown the night before~~ :D

  13. @SK,
    Yeah, I know I can sub them to something else, but I'm too lazy to do that. Always! LOL

    Not only in the restaurant business lah, people take fake MC, kan? I was tempted to take one today too! XD

  14. Oh I'm drooling even with those photos....hehehehe..I'm so fond of prawns.

  15. @bingkee,
    I like prawns but not those Assam prawns they serve here. As the name said - sour! (Asam is sour in Malay). :D

  16. I forgot the name of that stir-fried noodle dish and kept referring to it as "chow fun" until a very confused friend said "wha? You was in Hong Kong? I thought you went to KL?" :-)
    I liked the veggies - they were heavenly, stinky bean and all and of course koay teow, and I am planning to make it for my mister, as soon as I can find the ingredients.
    And the shaved ice thingie. Yummy!
    See? I was right to wait with my Madame Kwan's post, because I didn't know what half (all!) of these dishes were called.

  17. @Anna,
    Hahaha... well, in a way, you were in HK too! Right?

    Make sure you put lots of cockles and bean sprouts!

  18. That looks like a feast, I got my eyes glued on the fried rice! lol

  19. @Ayie,
    Don't drool to much! How about making fried rice for lunch today, Ayie? ;)

  20. I did for dinner =) with shrimps, lobster balls, a bit of ham and veggies

  21. @Ayie,
    Mmmm... sounds delish. :)

    We just finished lunch - bulgogi, kimchi jigae and tofu with stir fried kimchi. I am too full!

  22. mmm..yum! I hope I could have a great and yummy lunch pack like that. I'm so craving to have a very tasty and delicious meal. =)

  23. @Ara,
    Those aren't in a lunch pack or should we say, in tiffin carrier. There are a restaurant that serve Malay food in tiffins though. Too expensive for me!

  24. Ooh! That ice campur looks nice! But got gula melaka or not?

  25. Don't you think the food at Madam Kwan's is a bit pricey?

  26. @foong,
    Another Nasi Bojari fan! :)

    Nope, no gula melaka. Didd't ask oso. XD

    Yeah, the food there are quite pricey, some more never give me discount! LOL

    But judging from the customers, nobody seemed to mind. The place is always packed!


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