Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Retrospective - My Beloved Gear

I wrote something on my FB timeline about my full marathons, some that I ran, some I didn't. I dunno why but the countdown towards Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 which will be held on Sunday, Oct 12th is kinda making me rather nostalgic.

That and the fact that Malaysia Women Marathon which incidentally was where I did my first full marathon in 2013; had just opened its registration for 2015. It'll be held on March 8th, 2015!

Anyways, this is the FB status.

Then, I couldn't help thinking about my early days of training for my very first marathon.

While I am blessed to have a running partner now, I ran alone pretty much all the time while training from 2011 - 2012. Occasionally hubby would accompany me while he rode his bike on Sunday and occasionally I'd follow friends but most times alone.

Still I am blessed for the fact that hubby (and sometimes son) will wait for me to finish a run, say in Putrajaya or Bukit Tunku. I'd run and they'd go out and have "guys" time together.

I remember when I first started training and did my "longish" run in Putrajaya,I started my run in late mornings from the very beginning to accommodate hubby and son too. Waking them up too early just so I can run is rather selfish. I am already selfish for insisting to go out and spend my "alone" time every weekend, after all. So 8.00am sounds more reasonable.

At first I ran holding a bottle. Any mineral water bottle.
Then, I upgraded myself to this Nike handheld water bottle.

Most times, a bottle wasn't enough and since I didn't run through a route that had shops or petrol stations, I resorted in re-filling my bottle with tap water. Yup, I sure drank a whole lot of tap water back in the days (well, only a year ago lah! Muahaha)

Adoi. Those were the days. ^^ 
Then, I got this Adidas hydration belt. One bottle in the belt and one I'd hold in my hands.

I am now already a bit more clever and know where the petrol stations are in Putrajaya. Kakaka

When I started my full marathon training, I decided to invest in a hydration bag but I didn't want to spend too much unnecessarily. So instead of getting what was popular - Camelbak, Nathan, etc bag; I bought a bag for less than RM150.00 at Rodalink. It's for cyclist. It was cheap. It sure as hell wasn't trendy but who cares?
It fits my purpose. It looks like a normal backpack but it came with a 1.5ltr bladder (that's a water pouch) and a tube. As I said, it fits my need.
That's how the bag look when I ran with it in a few races.

Funny though after all these "upgrades" from holding a bottle to a belt to a bag, I'm back to being comfortable running with just holding a bottle. My hydration bag is now hijacked by dear hubby and if I want to wear one, I gotta buy another one myself! Hmph!

The bag is now used mainly when we go trekking anyhoo...

It's fun to see friends getting new gears for their runs and races. There are times I feel a certain envy and awe at them, I guess.

But hey! So far, my miserly choice had worked well for me. Me, my Adidas hydration belt that cost less than 2,000yen and a mineral water bottle in my hand.

I probably will have no choice and get one in preparation for 2015 April's adventure race. We see how lah... Gotta find extra money somehow.

Anyone got part time job to offer?

p.s. don't talk about my shoes though. I need ALL my shoes. All seven pairs of them. I think I need to buy another pair for next year's adventure. Muahaha!!!


  1. Ah.... I actually asked my friends who had ran marathons on how they get a drink if they were thirsty. After all, it was a long run, but not a merely 20-30 mins run. And they always tell me they didn't carry any water. I was kinda baffling as even in a game of badminton or working out, I needed to keep drinking water. Now, you gave me the answer!

    1. Well, I mean during trainings for marathons. I am sure in the actual event, there will be water stops around but then it's good to carry a water bottle, just in case to stay hydrated.

    2. For training you need a backup plan. Especially if you run under the hot sun. I can make do without hydration if I'm only out running for an hour but if more I'll bring water. Esp when out trekking.

      For races, it's up to individual. Some like to bring their own so that they don't have to worry about water stations running out of water.

      And if one is doing something above full marathons, most of the runners will have hydration bag as the race format is not the same as say... a 10k or full marathon.

    3. Plus, running marathons (I only mean 42KM) there's also fueling to take into consideration.

      Power gel and the likes. If you're running that half marathon.... check with your friend how they deal with fueling too.

  2. Coool gear. What's ur fb? Maybe we can link to each other?

    1. I'd swamp your timeline with everything running related though. 😆

  3. Just wonder, do you join the zombie run for live event??

  4. usually there are two cases:-

    one, you started all enthusiastic and have all the gears with you, but slowly you get less or ditch them aside..

    1. I guess it's all about learning and experimenting before knowing what we like best.

      Keep an open mind with trying things because otherwise, we won't learn. :)

      Right Ah Boy>

  5. two, you started testing water with minimum gear but slowly become more passionate and upgrade all your gears..

    so glad you are the latter type.. ^^

    1. To upgrade... alamak.

      Semua barang cost so much though. :P

  6. am feeling the tension liao. hv not been training past few weeks.

    1. i wonder at the finish line of kids Dash they have water for us to drink or not. Else have to run with a bottle in hand.

      Yalah short distance only but....

    2. Finishing line will have one. Don't worry.

      mama kucing bring a bottle la, just in case. Can use the bottle to tapau milo/vico/100-plus afterwards. Muahaha

  7. If jogging, i prefer to do so in the morning...

    1. I myself run whenever I can.

      But hey... everyone has their own preference.

  8. Replies
    1. Yes definitely.

      But don't drink too much. Hyponatremia is dangerous too!

  9. After all these years, I am still holding the trusted 500ml Gatorade bottle for all my race and any training that's longer than 8km. Got a Camalbak 1.5L belt but it's not suitable for running.

    Btw, I will be racing hard this weekend hence the Gatorade bottle will only accompany me until the flag off. Hope SCKLM have a good water supply (not like Syabas...).

    1. Zaini can actually spot you while you were running in the dark in TITI because of you holding the Gatorade bottle! It's your signature style! Hahaha

      All the best for SCKLM and meeting your target Neoh! :)

    2. hahaha...
      I didn't know that I had a signature style now :P

  10. Looking good with those gear!

    Part time job? No.... :p



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