Elevate Your Performance, In Style With Rudy Project

Rudy Project Malaysia Brunei had a product launch and concept store opening at Jaya Shopping Centre on Friday, Oct 31 2014.

I am not yet a user of Rudy Project so I thought I should go see and check out what's all the fuss about this brand. Anyways, Rudy Project is a company that offers a wide range of sunglasses, helmets, goggles among others. A product widely known by athletes and weekend warriors too.
I arrived early and after registering myself and waiting for other guests and VIPs to arrive, decided to check out their concept store.
Was shown a number of their products by this really helpful fella...
and I was seriously smitten by this model. Its removable insert easily snaps in and out of its frame. COOL!
Back to the launch - Rudy Project Malaysia launched the Lifestyle model; Sensor for men and Broomstyk for women with minimalist, decisive and striking design.

And the impactx2 unbreakable photochromic optics.
We were shown how durable the lenses are - with a hammer, no less!
The unveiling of the products and the people from Rudy Project - management, athletes and models.
and shortly after, the opening of Rudy Project Concept Store located at Ground Floor Concourse, Jaya Shopping Centre.

Now the question for me : should I get a pair soon? Sponsor please!!!


  1. wow, RUDY PROJECT!! sungguh bergayanya~~

    go go go, go get yourself a pair of those really cool sunglasses!!

    not only for the look, but also for the protection of your eyes..


  2. Fuyoh~ The name sounds so glamorous, and look! the sunglasses come in various colors :D

    1. and those are really functional glasses, not only to make people look good! Hahaha

  3. Adakah GC member got share in the co, if ada can get add on discount!:)


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