Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mommy And Son Day Out

During the previous school holiday, Son spent a Daddy & Son day out at Legoland. This time, it's Mommy's turn to spend time with him.

I think it's rather nice to have the occasional Mom & Son or Dad & Son only time, apart from spending time with the whole family. 

Anyway, we just spent the day in the city.
Son wanted to watch the BoBoiBoy movie and that's the first thing we did in the morning, after having breakfast together with Daddy; that is.

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed watching BoBoiBoy The Movie, just as we did watching the series on TV. Lovely animation, action-packed and funny to boot. No wonder it's the highest grossing local animated movie. 
Treats time later included a stop a Borders bookstore and an ice-cream stop too!
A late lunch/snack later, after a train ride at DubuYo.

It was a Happy Hour promotion set at only RM9.00 and we ordered TTeobokki and Honey Garlic Bulgogi Chicken. Both set at RM9.00 nett and came with a choice of drink of either roasted  barley tea or gree tea.

Taste wise, passable. Boleh makan lah... Hihihi

Sometimes we spend the day outdoors, sometimes it's quite nice to enjoy the indoors and the air-conditioning comfort of a mall too!


  1. That is nice. I agreed with you. Good to have a little time with your kid, maybe it be indoor or outdoor; doing things both you enjoy.

  2. Nice ar? I am planning to bring Aden to watch, but only available in Beanie TGV, kinda expensive :p

  3. Nowadays it is most definitely much more enjoyable to only spend time indoors :( ... Sorry I'm still in sulking mode after just coming back from 10 deg C countries...

    Hahaha I also want to watch BoboiBoy actually, saw the trailer when watching Deadpool in the cinema before I left for Europe..

    1. Hahaha

      Sure had to adjust a lot after spending time in such a cooling place ya? :P

      Boboiboy is fun. I like it. :)

  4. Nice bonding time together. You don't sound very excited about the Korean food.

    1. Yup, nothing to shout about, the food at DubuYo. Pretty standard fast food quality.

  5. So precious and loving moments! I used to enjoy all the Mummy & Son time together. Now I miss my mummy. Sobs!

    1. At least you have plenty of memories with her. You had been such a caring and loving son.



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