A Sportswear That Breathes GIVEAWAY

I have like, two compression wear in my possession. A top and a bottom.
I'm wearing them both in this photo. (Red Gold Coast Airport Marathon vest not part of the compression wear though. hehehe)

Different brands but both are foreign brands. Almost got a nosebleed paying for them. But I bought them anyway, because of the benefits I wanted to gain from wearing them.

I’m actually thinking of buying another, maybe a short-sleeved top. Had thought of going to Running Lab and try a few there, but dang! I just can’t find the time to go to Tropicana Mall. That and the fact that I hate trying out stuff.

I’m always on the look-out for affordable compression wear and there’s Breathe Apparel that apparently had slipped my notice before. Truth to be told; I knew about the brand early. When I just started running way back in late 2011, I saw the brand being promoted in FB in running groups. Saw the products promoted at one sports fair in Mines too. They were at Score Expo in PWTC during SCKLM’s race kit collection last year too, if I recall correctly?

Their newly opened physical store can be found in Jalan Klang Lama. Here's the map :
Click on the map for bigger photo

They have an online store, which made shopping much easier. Check out their online store here.

The brand is home-grown. Yup! Malaysia mari. That’s why the products are priced very affordably. When I visited their website, I thought… Ooo, that’s MY budget.

Don’t look down on them just because they’re homegrown! They are going in the international market too! They ship WORLDWIDE.

I know some of my running friends who absolutely swear by their expensive compression wear and there are also some who don’t think that one need for such a garment during sports. To each its own, yeah?

For those not familiar with compression wear; it is essentially something we wear while doing sports; to support our muscles on the outside, increase blood circulation, which speeds up removal of lactic acid. This will result in higher performance and faster recovery. I’m not gonna go technical about the values of compression wear lest I give you wrong information! You can just hop-over to Breathe’s website to learn about Breathe’s Compression Wear.

I did have a look-see look-see recently because they are having a sale right now. SALE! Who doesn’t love a SALE? Hahaha

There are two items that caught my fancy :
The Breathe Force Woman Long Sleeves priced at RM134 (RM197 before discount)
And the Red Breathe Fit Woman Short Sleeve. Only RM74 (RM127 before discount) I likeeeee the red. Heee… Plus, I like compression top. The feeling of everything being compacted and supported is nice. You know, nothing jiggling too much? Padat gitew, katanya.

Some more, the bargain hunter in me like the free shipping to Malaysia with no minimum purchase required. And! And! And! They allow exchange (either to 1 size smaller or 1 size larger) within 10 days of my purchase. WIN!

I guess some of you out there may be kinda not want to try this particular brand yet and decide to stick with more popular and familiar brands?

Here’s the deal. I have the luck to score a giveaway for those wishing to try Breathe Apparel. Woot! Woot!

There’ll be ten winners.

1st place : Breathe Compression Gear worth RM147
2nd place : Breathe apparel worth RM59
3rd place: Breathe apparel worth RM49
4th-10th place: Breathe cash voucher RM10

So what do you have to do to get it?

Go visit Breathe’s website or their FB page, choose one product that took your fancy and tell us what it is and why, here in the comments section. A top? A tights?

Let’s have fun and share!

I’ll choose the best comments to pick the winners on March 28th and announce it by Mar 31st.

Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the information on compression wear.

    Will hop over to yheir fb and see tmw. Line too slow.

    I think red suit you best :)

  2. Hi!

    I might need a Breathe Force Long Sleeves more than other, I guess. All this while running full marathon distance with only wearing a vest or dri-fit tee shirt really give some contrast of color to my arms. With a compression long sleeves from Breathe, I'll be more happy looking at my arms on rest days ;)

  3. Nice tops. The red one is very nice..

  4. Would b great to own a set then maybe now I will b inspired to work out and look sharp. With the compression set it will definitely help burn more fat doing the same amount of exercise. Can't wait to try them on when I will these.

  5. Thanks for the info, it's nice!!! =]

  6. Would love a Breathe Force Woman Long Tights for the boost of performance, recovery and more importantly, to store my mobile/key and whatnot :D

  7. Wow!!! Ada contest again ~~~ Anay Like 1000 times!
    I will go over and come back with award winning comments, yeah......

    Oh you like red and so do I. Sounds like Red Hot Bunnies!

  8. woo...i like SALE too.....

  9. Oh no!!! You have made a shopping maniac out of me....I can't decide....saw this one Breathe Force Woman Long Tights. Itchy hand thought wanna buy this as like you've said it support our muscle and helps with blood circulation when running.

    You know la. old lady. blood circulation not good and easily pull a muscle . This would help greatly

  10. But but but....then i spotted this pulak Breathe Force Woman Short Sleeves. It said to have specifically cut panels ensure more oxygen to my chest and back. Ni nenek tua senang semput. It also encourages better posture, reducing back injuries and opening up the lung cavity for increased air intake. Sound just perfect tailor made for me right? You know I have bad posture.

    The reinforcement at the inner hem of the top to ensure that the top won't ride up also sound terrific. Ahem ahem....bikin malu if suddenly have indecent exposure :p

    Gosh...sound so perfect...which one shall i choose? Or shall I get both since both also currently on sale.......decision decision.....

  11. i learned something from this post and also the link Mak Glam provided.. i've seen sportsmen and sportswomen wearing these "tights" and i actually wonder why they need to do so, i was thinking if those "tights" just serve as "undergarments", or probably special "undergarments" for sports.. now that i know, they are actually compression wear, and i went to BREATHE website, read up what is compression wear, and alas, i have been so wrong!! memang bikin malu only~~ :D

  12. i am indeed impressed by the information i read on BREATHE website, there are hell lot of functions and benefits wearing a compression suit or pants!! though i was quite intrigued to scan through the features, if there is one on slimming, muahahahaha!! probably not directly, but with more exercise sure can slim down right?? and BREATHE compression wear sure helps to maximize the effect :)

  13. so many to choose from BREATHE website, it feels like shopping for clothes on other fashion websites.. i particularly focused on tops, and there are long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, polo, jersey etc etc.. and being sometimes indecisive when there are a lot of choices, i spend sometime to actually choose which one i like most!!

  14. okay now, looking at the different models, i have finally picked Breathe Force tops.. initially because of the color (over Breathe Fit), i think this suits me more since i do not do long run but hide inside the gym doing light cardio and some weight lighting..

    from the website, it says Breathe Force gives the right muscle compression and reduces fatigue, and i can associate that with more repetitions done..

    furthermore, one thing i hate about conventional tights is that they feel like a "corsage" that makes me feel pressurized and limit the freedom of movement, but with Breathe Force that gives a perfect fit and sports balance, i can imagine how easy it is to move while actually don't feel like you are wearing something so close to your skin..

    and most importantly, what i like about Breathe Force is that it is breathable and surely makes wearing it a pleasure, as well as being able to correct the posture with its compression.. yeah, we may have been looking too much on PC and smartphones until out back and spine could have been misaligned and caused neck or back pains.. so with the posture correction, i can see all these problems could be easily ditched out..

    oh yeah, i could have 1001 things to say about as i read on and think of, but i think i better not torture Mak Glam with this nenek kebayan comments.. but one final sentence, if given a chance to try Breathe Force, i definitely welcome and would be very happy to do so!! :)

  15. Wow another giveaway yeah....after browsing from SK blogroll. Yours seems more interesting leh...shopping time! Let start browsing babe....

  16. I fancy the Red Breathe Fit Woman Short Sleeve. Only RM74 (RM127 before discount) like yours. Why I choose this? let me tell you more over here

    First of all, I love vibrant colors. I may look good with this Red Breathe Fit Woman Short Sleeve. Then, I would love to feel like the description has mentioned: it is like our second skin... Gosh I'm crazy over it. When I read on, there are so many good points that really can't take my Breathe away. Oh dear, I want it so badly and let me feel the difference with the Red Breathe Fit Woman Short Sleeve!!!

    1. How was that? Hope to win one and good luck to the rest!

    2. Hey you said ...."good points that really can't take my Breathe away."..... That means you are not impressed lah but still wanna win one? Muahahaha

    3. aiya...is the good points that really can't take my Breathe away from TM! Muahaha....Is mine all mine....

  17. I have browsed the BREATHE's website several times and found this item that I really need. It is the Men's Breathe Force Shorts which is only MYR104 after discount.
    I used to have one shorts which was an imported brand, solely cut & designed for cycling only. I paid a whopping MYR180 and the material was not lasting plus my buttock also grew bigger unfortunately!! (excuses!)

    Now I seriously need a new pair badly to wear and cycle to Grumpy Cyclist's Cafe to interview the boss for my blog soon! He is waiting for my arrival and I need this Breathe Force Shorts right away! The biggest bonus is that this BREATHE's shorts can be worn for ALL SPORTS ~ Cycling, Fitness, Gym, Run, Studio, Swim and Triathlon!!! Hurray!! This is really a new age innovative shorts that serves all sports for all sportsmen! I simply love it! I want! I want!

  18. I love the red one! Nice giveaway, Lina! Good luck to all :)

  19. But your top isn't pink. :(

  20. I'll be a bit of a spoilsport here but let you know what I think.
    If you really want a local compression wear, try Kraft Fit. They are better than Breathe.
    I own 3 pairs of their compression shorts and 1 pair of the compression top but after a few wears, my pasar malam tights provide better compression to my utter despair.
    A bit sad about the waste of my money. Fyi, 3 pairs was because I bought 1 pair when it was on sale, wore it twice, was very happy then and decided to stock up 2 more pairs while the sale was still on. So, sale is a bad reason to buy from Breathe as they have sale all year round.

    1. As an X-Breathe Staff (I've now migrated to AUS), I feel that it is only fair that the readers of this post get the 'other' side of this 'story' which has been cooked by Ling Yeo. I remember this story very clearly as we had some discussions around it during my wonderful time at Breathe.

      Ling Yeo made her purchase in MARCH 2013. She wrote to Breathe in JANUARY 2014 demanding a replacement.

      Now, get real! You want a replacement for a product that you purchases 10 MONTHS AGO?

      Think no further needs to be said. If the product had an issue upon receipt, you had 10 business days to return it to Breathe, as per their Comfort Guarantee. God knows what you did with that product in those 10 months and then decided you want a replacement.

      Am still laughing now!!

  21. I really like the BREATHE FORCE WOMAN LONG TIGHTS - hoping to give them a try!

  22. I need more support for my legs as I attempt longer and longer distances. Would really like to try the Breathe Force Woman Long Tights...

  23. I would love the one you have chosen "Breathe Fit Woman, Short Sleeve - Red". It's trendy. In my opinion, we workout and yet we must look good too. This will suit me well

    - Lucy

  24. Sherman Peabody25 March, 2014 16:49

    the black one looks a little dull and too plain on you.. probably you would look great in the red one, more vibrant, more dynamic and more happy.. yes, i always believe we chose the color based on our mood and also personality!! :)

  25. Hi! I am Andy from Singapore.

    Is this giveaway open internationally?

    If I won, I would like to get myself the Black Breath Force Short. It's so cool.

    My girlfriend bought me a few shorts for my gym but the color she chosen just too atrocious. Pink and white. What guy wear pink and white to gym? Gosh, am lucky that brand which she bought doesn't carries stripey nor pokka dots shorts.

    Thanks again for this giveaway

  26. Breathe Apparel sure would be great for my workout. Im all for great workout outfit!

  27. Penny Peterson28 March, 2014 11:37

    i have not heard about this brand before, but thanks to the links you have provided, i took some time to browse through the websites, and i find the products very useful for my exercise routine!!

    the compression technique and all the benefits blended into sports wear, while not ignoring the fashion sense too!! the red one you featured above would look great on you, though i personally would prefer the "safer" black color, haha!!

    thank you for this post, though i am not really coming in here for the giveaway but kind of expressing my thoughts after finding out the Breathe apparels :)


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