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MWM 2014 (Malaysia Women Marathon) race expo is a big deal. A HUGE deal. I took a day off last year to attend it. I didn't this year and wished I had so I could actually attend the event program. 

Anyway, I probably won't be running tomorrow as common sense tells me I shouldn't. Not so much because of the haze but because I am sorely under-prepared to run 42.195km on Sunday! I probably can and will finish but it sure won't be pretty!

The expo is still on-going today as the race-kit collection for MWM 2014 ends today before the run tomorrow. Do head to Shah Alam Royal Theatre now for bargains in sports wear! Hop to it! LOL

We actually thought of just a touch & go trip to collect my race kit but ended up staying for a few hours, meeting friends and browsing (plus accidentally bought an item or two) there.
Couple on the Run; Sue & Andrew O'Brien were there. Here they are in front of Gold Coast Airport Marathon booth. There's also other booths promoting the Great Ocean Road Marathon and the MediBank Melbourne Marathon in Australia and Phuket Laguna Marathon. So tempted to join them! ^^
My race kit was collected without any delay or problem. Quick. No queue. Fast, friendly service. Thank you. 

Collected race kit then off for window shopping time!
More selection from Skirt Sport this year. We'll see more ladies in running skirt in future here! 
Interesting product here from High5, a UK brand run by athletes. Sports nutrition drinks, energy bars and energy gels. Was intrigued about them but didn't buy any.
Me and Nashata founder; Ms Eliza. Nashata is a brand for Muslimah sportswear.I bought (though had to wait for it) a long-sleeve shirt from Nashata. It's a bargain!
 Me & Son having fun at the MWM 2014 wall.
The race kit goodie bag.

To those running tomorrow, HAVE FUN AND ALL THE BEST! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! And smile for the camera.


  1. I love that you accidentally bought a thing or two. That happened to me yesterday. I might have time for a second round this afternoon :)

    1. Hahaha yeah well... it's an accident bound to happen. :p

      Lucky you. I should've come on both days n enjoy the expo.

      Have fun with your new accidents, if any :-)

  2. Interesting, I've been to a lot of expo, but first time heard about MWM, for those who love run must like this expo very much!!! =]

    1. It's a race expo. Big races have them but I love MWM the best. There are talks, clinics n shopping; all related to running :-)

  3. Wah macam lots of things to see!

  4. I loves the colour of the goodies bag, hehe...

  5. hmmm, very interesting expo!!

    i can see they have a lot of things up for grabs..

    and the goodies bag also looks good.. :)

    1. Would've been better if there's more inside? Hihi

  6. now we can really see the effect of that "innocent" haircut..

    aiyoyo, look so young lah this Mak Glam..

    love that photo you took with Raimie, macam kakak dan adik aje~~ :p

  7. Replies
    1. Indeed looks like shopping expo

    2. It's a race day expo so we could shop for anything related to running there! :-)


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