Breathe Apparel Giveaway Results

*Drum Roll*

First of all, thank you every one who visited the post of the giveaway and especially to those who participated. *muaks*

After much deliberation and discussion with hubby, here's the results :

1st place : winner of Breathe Compression Gear worth RM147 goes to this "Nenek Kebayan" comment by SK. ^^
"i am indeed impressed by the information i read on BREATHE website, there are hell lot of functions and benefits wearing a compression suit or pants!! though i was quite intrigued to scan through the features, if there is one on slimming, muahahahaha!! probably not directly, but with more exercise sure can slim down right?? and BREATHE compression wear sure helps to maximize the effect :)
so many to choose from BREATHE website, it feels like shopping for clothes on other fashion websites.. i particularly focused on tops, and there are long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, polo, jersey etc etc.. and being sometimes indecisive when there are a lot of choices, i spend sometime to actually choose which one i like most!!
okay now, looking at the different models, i have finally picked Breathe Force tops.. initially because of the color (over Breathe Fit), i think this suits me more since i do not do long run but hide inside the gym doing light cardio and some weight lighting..

from the website, it says
Breathe Force gives the right muscle compression and reduces fatigue, and i can associate that with more repetitions done..

furthermore, one thing i hate about conventional tights is that they feel like a "corsage" that makes me feel pressurized and limit the freedom of movement, but with
Breathe Force that gives a perfect fit and sports balance, i can imagine how easy it is to move while actually don't feel like you are wearing something so close to your skin..

and most importantly, what i like about
Breathe Force is that it is breathable and surely makes wearing it a pleasure, as well as being able to correct the posture with its compression.. yeah, we may have been looking too much on PC and smartphones until out back and spine could have been misaligned and caused neck or back pains.. so with the posture correction, i can see all these problems could be easily ditched out..

oh yeah, i could have 1001 things to say about as i read on and think of, but i think i better not torture Mak Glam with this nenek kebayan comments.. but one final sentence, if given a chance to try
Breathe Force, i definitely welcome and would be very happy to do so!! :)"

2nd place : winner Breathe apparel worth RM59 is Twilight Man!

3rd place: winner of Breathe apparel worth RM49 is Nicole Cho!

4th-10th place winner of RM10 vouchers are : 

4. Aizulhisham 
5. ykristen 
6. Small Kucing 
7. Angeline 
8. Em Ma 
9. Joanna Peck
10. ATOM Tobio

I will be contacting you all via e-mail. For those who has no email address on the blog profile, can you please email me instead? Some of you are on Google+ which I am still pretty stupid in using...

Thank you again for your participation and congrats! ^^


  1. OMG!!! i can't believe that!! i am the winner!! surely comes as a big surprise to me!! never have been so lucky in contest before.. thank you Mak Bunny and Pakcik Kura-kura for judging me as the 1st prize winner!!

    1. Congrats SK for getting the first palce.

      You deserve it. :)

  2. paiseh reading my own comments above.. it's like listening to your own recorded voice, sound so funny, haha!! errr, my nenek kebayan stories consists of a large part of nonsense too, hope they did not affect the serious thing i wanted to say, hehe~~

    1. Yeah I wanted to laugh at Thambee's long winded semut kita talk. Congrats to our ah boy!

  3. congratulations to myself, and also to Twilight Man, Nicole Cho, Aizulhisham, ykristen, Small Kucing, Angeline, Em Ma, Joanna Peck and ATOM Tobio!! last but not least, thank you Lina and Breathe!! would love my prize very very much!!! :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners !!! =]

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!!! :)

  6. Congratulations to all the winners, they sure deserve it!

  7. Congratulations to all winners :) .

    Thanks. I have received your email

  8. Best April fool ever! Thank you Lina and congrats to SK and all other winners!! ;)

  9. Congrats to SK, the champion! Congrats to all the winners.

  10. Wow, I won too, RM10 pretty good start to purchase the same red baju like yours. Tee Hee.... thanks Lina

  11. congratulations to all the winners Breathe apparel GA.

  12. Thank you! I am so happy I wanna cry here!


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