Thursday, 26 January 2017

Two Runs, Surrounded By Nature In Kuala Kubu Bharu

Tired of joining races around the same route in Klang Valley?

Love the trails? Love running on the tarmac but want to enjoy some (or a whole lot of greenery)? Or both?

One of those crazy back2back runners who likes running in races both on Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend?

Joining these two races in Kuala Kubu Bharu may be the answer to your itchy feet.
Highlanders Series Bukit Kutu is a stunning trail run with a distance of 15km through Orang Asli village at the foothill (Kg. Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bharu) to Batu Tedung of Bukit Kutu. The challenging race course designed for both novice runners and more seasoned trail runners who crave for a challenging multi-element race course with crazy elevation.
The first Bukit Kutu Run was held in March last year, with the distance of 12K. Those who are joining this year sees a 3K "upgrade" to the distance.
I was there last year but not as a runner lah. I was helping only. Plan to help out again, this year. ^^
Anyhoo, race (crew) recap of last year's edition here.

For the 2017 eidition, it will be held on Saturday May 13,2017.
Photo credit : Highlander Series Bukit Kutu Trail Run 2017 FB page
Excerpt from the registration website :

"The race course is a single trail that offers a serene environment and extraordinary diversity of river crossing, old logging road, rain forest trail, steep hill inclines and uneven terrain. Starting off flat and easy before the trails properly begin with some hill climbs and more technical terrain. Runner will make a crushing climb to Batu Tedung of Bukit Kutu after few river crossing. The second half of the course takes a scenic route along the banks of Luit River continues with long climbs up towards Lata Medang waterfalls before making a u turn and exhilarating 5km descent back to the finish line. Expect hard, compact trails on a dry day or in wet condition. The race course excludes the summit climb due to safety reasons."
15K trail run isn't enough? Especially when you already drove dunno how many kms to get to Kuala Kubu Bharu?
Then, ROI your petrol usage by joining the Hulu Selangor 30K which will be held on Sunday, May 14 2017.
Registration is not open yet, but I was informed that there will be 5K, 10K and 30K categories offered. Last kopek chance to get in some mileage before SCKLM for some of us. ^^

Hulu Selangor 30K is NOT to be confused with Hulu Langat Marathon, okey?

Photo credit : Race Director
The route sure beats running around a busy city road, right?

For updates on both events, you can also visit these following Facebook pages:
Highlander Series Bukit Kutu Trail Run 2017
Running Project

If you're joining or plan to join, see you there! I'll probably be grinning by the roadside and wonder why lah you all like to torture yourself. Hahaha

And both races are good for those who are not looking to run any ultramarathon distance. Like me.

But also good to get some mileage in to prepare for any ultramarathon. Especially if you plan to join stages races. 

BUT join lah. Suffering makes one feels alive, right? #eh

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