Tony Roma's For A Treat

So we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant on the fist day of 2017.

What's for dinner for the second day of 2017 which is still a holiday for some of us? ^^

I had done a 21K run around our apartment that morning and had initially wanted to eat Nasi Arab.

But when evening arrives, I was suddenly not in the mood to eat rice pulak, so we all drove to IOI City Mall in Putrajaya for dinner.
And we decided to have dinner at Tony Roma's there as the restaurant was only half-full when we got there.

Bad choice.

After we were seated, it took about 10 minutes to get the attention of the wait staff to make our order.

We noticed other tables were pretty much waiting for their food or getting orders too.

We decided to get the Lamb Lover's platter priced at RM139.90 which seems to be of good value, with lamb ribs (roma rack), lamb cevapi, BBQ 1/2 chicken, 3 cups of soup and 3 side dishes. Ngam-ngam for us lah, right?
We also ordered the Asian Salad because I was hankering for a salad.

The server served our salad and was gone in a jiffy and was not seen later despite not giving us any plates to share the salad with. Our complimentary bread was also nowhere to be seen at this point.

We decided to wait a while before I finally had enough and got up and "scolded" one of the staff. There were a bunch of them crowding the entrance of the kitchen for god knows why and avoiding eye contact with the diners. (Us, for instance).

Tu dia, after I sat down, then all our food suddenly materialised. Well, almost all lah.
Our lamb cevapi and sides (baked potao and grilled vege). Baked potato was unfortunately served cold.
Lamb ribs and BBQ chicken and fries.

No fault with the lamb ribs,

The BBQ chicken was quite hard and dry. Maybe that's TR BBQ style? I dunno. I don't go to TR for their chicken anyways.

And cold fries. How long was the fries out of the fryer, I wonder?

No photos of the soup because we weren't served any.

Ingat sampai mati korang tak bagi I soup! 3 bowls of it! Huhuhu
Anyways, after the scolding I did, I decided to let it go and just enjoy the dinner.

We were joined by a running buddy (who is also event organiser extraordinaire) later.
Photo by: Redz
Good company.

Not so good dinner.

And you bet I filled up the survey and complained. Heh heh

Next time I want to eat ribs, I better make sure we head to the Gardens Mall outlet. The staff there are AWESOME!

Will I go back to the IOI City Mall outlet? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!


  1. Bad service. Spoil the mood only.

    And bet you would not be going there anymore.

  2. Oh dear.. I haven't been to Tony Roma though I have seen many posts on them. Ipoh does not have one as yet.

    1. Why don't you go to KFC. That place has the best Popcorn Chicken

    2. Come Mid Valley and eat here. hehehe

  3. Ish! That type of service, I also won't go back :(

    1. Fortunately other outlets aren't that bad.

  4. Whenever I see Tony Romas, I must think of you! It is all about good food, service and Lina's favourite haven.


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