Ultra Marathon World Heritage Series & Geopark Series Press Conference

A short news from Japan.

Ultra Marathon World Heritage series & Geopark series Press Conference was held in Ariake, Tokyo today.

The Series is held in order to convey the importance of "World Heritage", "Intangible Cultural Heritage" and "Geopark" to the domestic and overseas participants and promote the wonder of cultural heritage and natural heritage through the marathon in the area hosting 100 km Ultramarathon races.

It is Japan's first effort to cooperate with multiple Ultramarathon events for the same purpose, with each chairperson gathers and share the charms and strengths of their respective areas.
The press conference was held today on January 25, 2017 (Wednesday)

Venue: Ariake 3 - 6 - 11 Koto Ward, Tokyo Building East Building East 902 Conference Room

Organized by:Ultra Marathon World Heritage Series · Geopark Series Executive Committee

With cooperation: UNESCO Japan, Association of Japan Geopark Network(NPO)

Sponsored by:The North Face (by Goldwin Co., Ltd.)
Tango Ultramarath Executive Committee Chairman and Kyotango Mayor's Misaki Masaaki

1) Challenge Fuji 5 Lakes Ultramarathon, Masashi Watanabe President of Fujiyoshida Athletic Field Association

2) Hidatakayama Ultramaran, Mayor of Takayama city, Yoshiaki Kunishima

3) Nikko 100 km Ultramarathon ,Mayor of Nikko , Fumio Saito

4) Hakusan Shirakawago 100 km Ultramarathon, Mayor of Hakusan City, Noriaki Yamada

5) Hakusan Shirakawago 100 km Ultramarathon Mayor of Shirakawa village, Shigeru Narihara

6) Tango 100 km Ultramarathon Mayor of Kyotango City Misaki Masakazu

7) Race Producer:Yuji Sakamoto

8) Secretary General, Japan Geopark Network, Kiichi Saito,

9) General Manager, The North Face ,Mori Hikaru Executive Officer, (Goldwin Corporation)

For more Information
World Heritage Series Ultramarathon Race Committee
Geo-Park Series Ultramarathon Race Committee
Runners Wellness
Phone81-463-70-6660 FAX:81-463-70-6266
E-mail: press@r-wellness.com

I had run in the 2015 Tango Ultramarathon and hope to join Nikko Ultramarathon next year. Maybe I can aim to complete all the heritage series, one day, yeah? ^^

More information about Runners Wellness races is available at http://www.r-wellness.com


  1. Keep running while you are still young. Their runs in Japan have always been exciting and seem to attract many foreigners.


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