Our CNY Eve Makan Besar

Whilst I had to go to work on Friday, the eve of CNY celebration, Hubby and Son enjoyed their day offs.

It was school holiday from Thursday to Wednesday while Hubby's office was closed from Friday to Tuesday. Lucky git!

They waited to have lunch with me on Friday before I went back to work and later was able to go off early as my office closed a bit early,
Since it's lunch time, we ordered from the Set Lunches promotion. Hubby had whatsapp me to ask what I want to order before I was able to head down for lunch and by the time I reached Tony Roma's, my soup was already waiting for me!
Creamy potato soup which I love.
Beef ribs. I had wanted lamb ribs but lamb ribs are not featured in the set lunches. Boo!
But beef ribs also good. Son sure had no problem with it too! ^^

I love the mashed potato and cleaned up everything on the plate.
Hubby had burger.

Our table was waited by an efficient and friendly guy, Bikram. I have to say, I like the wait staff at Gardens Mall. There is a lady that I like. Could never catch her name (she has African style accent) and used to have her hair in dreads. Now it's been re-bonded straight as an arrow. She's good too. 

Anyway, if I have anything to bitch about, it's the fact that some staff need to reminded to wear deodorant la... ^^!
Ended my meal with a cappuccino. 
And mint that we get with our bills. (IOI Mall staff didn't have any mints I think...)

Look glamour la, this black candy but as Hubby said "it's HACKS"! LOL

Lunch for three with two of us eating beef ribs was RM156.90. Not too bad lah. For once in blue moon treat, right?

We're thinking of trying the Set Dinner during our next visit to Tony Roma's. The Set Dinner had Lamb Ribs. 

Hubby and I sure had been eating a lot at Tony Roma's lately. 
New Year was with Son at IOI Mall
Then it was the food review session with Hubby Sunway Pyramid
And this time at Gardens Mall for lunch.

I wonder where we should go for our dinner?

*macam pergi buat mystery shopper visit pulak* Hahaha


  1. Wah seh, kita raya, you pun got makan besar hah..hah..The beef ribs look good but dua batang saja, cukup kah?

    1. Cukup...

      Dun wan eat too much oso for lunch :p

  2. Wow.. yummy food there, Lina... Too bad Ipoh does not have Tony Roma otherwise I sure try the ribs too! By the way, the staff there must be losing lots of calories walking and down, hence they need the "deodorant?" :)

    1. Hahaha
      But got ac what. No sweating . Kiki

  3. While I was busy spending last minute money for CNY grocery shopping, you busy makan besar for lunch. Jeles.... :P

    1. But after grocery shopping, you also got makan whatttt haha


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