When The Legs Are In Need Of A (Not-So) TLC

I guess I've been hard on my body lately and especially to my legs that they do need a pummelling of sorts (massage la) to make it feel better.

I've been experiencing pain at my left legs for two weeks, prior to Twincity Marathon; which I joined last Sunday and had been foam rolling it. It felt better after the foam rolling but the niggling pain was still there.

A friend then highlighted that PRO MMR (that's short for PRO Medicine Massage Rehabilitation, ya) is having promotional rate for Twincity participants and crew so I made an appointment.
I made my appointment on Friday night, just a couple of days before running my marathon. A bit late but that was the only time I was free. ^^! Better than nothing, right?

Anyhoo, this wasn't the first time I used their services.

I had an ankle injury a few months before running in Chiba Aqualine Marathon and had a session at PRO MMR a month before the run. I had spent many weeks hobbling about, before I had the massage, so to say that I was feeling quite panicky about running in Japan would be an understatement.
A much better ankle, with the help of Kinesio taping (for insurance) and I ran in Chiba and finished!
Nurul, the therapists who saw me on both occasions was great. Friendly too. And boy, was it painful when she massaged me!
Bruises. On both legs.

But a good kind of bruise.

The pain that I experienced located around the area behind my knee is now gone. So does the tightness in my calves.
Photo credit : WK Album for Twincity Marathon
And thank goodness for that.

I didn't have any leg pain issues during my run in Twincity Marathon. If not for the unfortunate not-feeling-so-great moments there, I would have had a more enjoyable time there.

Truthfully, both legs felt fine after Twincity Marathon. No DOMS whatsoever. (I guess that was because I was walking like going to the park, wahahaha).

I highly recommend PRO MMR (and no, they didn't pay me to say this) so for those looking for a massage, injuries treatment and recovery; you can try them.
Just contact the number listed on the bunting.

You do need to make an appointment to see them!

And oh, more info about PRO MMR can be found at their Facebook page. Just type PRO MMR. Jangan malas.


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