New Year Dinner At Miyagi

A surprise treat for us for the new year when the hubby actually agrees to go eat "sushi" for dinner. Hehehe
Surprise lah since we just visited this Japanese restaurant in Bangi during the Christmas weekend.
We don't normally eat at "atas" places that often, you know. ^^
This time Son chose their kare-raisu set. Japanese curry rice with deep-fried chicken.
Son's verdict : Sedap.
I went with what I had last week, which was the nabeyaki udon. But instead of sashimi, I had it with temaki sushi.
So kenyang, I had trouble finishing the chawan mushi later..
Hubby went for his usual which is the teppanyaki.

I noticed that Miyagi Restaurant had changed the seat cushion for the new year so we get to sit on fluffy new seat cushion. Hahaha

My set was priced at RM42.00 while the boys' set were at around RM33-39.

Good deal and as always, the portion was generous.

Want the address?
No need la.
You guys always complain Bangi is too far anyway. Wahahaha


  1. Hahaha. Love reading this post.

    Bangi. It is far from city centre. Hubby just had a seminar there last month. Macam stay in the jungle, he said. Lol.

    Love what you guys ordered. Now I am kind of missing Japanese food. Long time did not have one.

    1. It's definitely not KL but Bangi is a nice place.

    2. Can't argue with that

  2. The portion size is quite generous. Very suitable for me hee..hee..

    1. Very very generous.
      If you are in Bandar Baru Bangi, I highly recommend you to try. :)


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