What's Our Plan?

I was hungry by the time it's dinner time.

But both Hubby and Son weren't and they vetoed out from eating banana leaf rice at Nirwana Maju.

So what else to do?

Fall back on my second plan. Go to second plan for salmon. I was hoping that Plan B's "Makan Malam" promo is still available as I took quite a liking at their  Pan-Seared Salmon with Pesto Rice but alas, no more promotion.

And the main menu selections aren't all too exciting.

Haih. What to do? Sat down already after all...
So I ordered this Nacho Everyday Salad (this one was presented way better than the one served to me last November. Hah hah)
To go with my Asian fusion pasta (forgot the name). Lazy to google for it also.
While the two boys shared this salted egg fries.

It was raining that night, and after finishing our meal, we kinda just sat back and relaxed. But we couldn't help but notice the service staff watching us and kept looking at our table. Maybe to check whether we want to order more food but it made us felt like she wanted us to cabut cepat-cepat. So cabut we did, and lepaked elsewhere.

I actually had wanted a cuppa and maybe a slice of cake, but cake choices wasn't inspiring.

I did get my cuppa the next day and it was served by an excellent and friendly waiter named Bikram at Tony Roma's Gardens Mall. Hah!

Anyway, is it just me or Plan B has just gone too boring? I can't find anything worth eating (read: kenyang) in the menu!


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