Ko Hyang's Country Delights

It's such a long time since we last had a meal at Ko Hyang, the Korean outlet at Gardens Mall.

After a Japanese meal at Miyagi and then a Western dinner at Tony Roma's for the new year, it's nice to go eat Korean food pulak. ^^

And Ko Hyang is one of our favourite.

Affordable price, speedy service.

It's been way too popular now so seating for a meal now can get way too cramped.
We decided to share two sets among the three of us and ordered the O Jing Eo Bokem (squid) set which comes with rice and seaweed soup.
 Plus the Soon Du Bu Jigae (seafood).
Plus an extra bowl of rice. 

Nowadays, they are a bit stingy with the serving of banchaan, aren't they?

I mean, instead of serving them to us three, they only served two (I guess for the two sets we ordered).

But never mind la.

It's still a good dinner.


  1. Looks so sedap! Now I also wanna eat Korean :)

  2. Of all the 3 cuisines, Korean is my least favourite. ^^

    But once a while, a change of cuisine is good.

  3. Has anyone seen Bebe Rexha's new music video?

  4. Care to try out our new Quiz game lina

  5. I eat Korean food, but not into it...

  6. Ha ha! I remember that you used to blog about Ko Hyang and that's my favourite at The Gardens. Need to go back again as everything is nice there. They will go broke as I sapu all the banchan with so many rounds.


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