Virtual Run Challenge Completed!

I joined the 2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge 2016 (link about the challenge here) and had already done my 3-days run. It ran from Jan 1st to 3rd, 2016 and we needed to at least do 10K or 1-hour run during the period to be entitled for a medal after the 3-days completion and to get our medal, we need to make sure we post our run details, showing our time(and distance), our VRC 2016 t-shirt and our VRC 2016 bib on Instagram.

There are sub-challenges such as :
  • Lifeline ID Creatividy Challenge for 5 most creative photos posted with Lifeline ID
  • 2ndskin commitment challenge where runners commit to run 20.16K or more over the 3 days (must run everyday and at least 3K a day)
  • The Skechers GoSpeed Challenge where fastest male and female who did their 10K will be chosen as winners
  • Kraftfit 20.16 Challenge and winners will be selected from the first male and female runner who posted exactly 20.16K distance ran on IG
  • Hammer Nutrition Endurance Challenge where winners will be selected from the highest mileage posted for male and female runner over 3 days
I know that I won't be winning any of those challenges but joining this virtual run, with a few hundred other runners made me motivated to go out for a run. It certainly helps make training runs easier! Plus it's fun to see posting from other runners on both IG and FB after they did their daily virtual run challenge.
For the first day of 2016, the plan was to run around Melaka City with a friend, but rain put a damper on it so we did an easy 1-hour run on the treadmill instead.
Second day of 2016 was sunny and I managed to do a few sessions. Drills. Easy run (since I'm running again the next day). Walk. Total of 16.3K. 
Third day of 2016 and I decided to try and managed to do 20.16K during my morning run. Yeay!

The day is not over yet, so maybe some of us will fit in a noon or evening run later.

Maybe I'll run again later. :P


  1. Good start to the new year, eh?

  2. Congrats, Lina! I've never paid attention to how many km walk or run in my entire life, until my son had to do a 24km overnite route march recently before he passed out from his NS training. Plus carrying a full pack of about 15kg! I probably faint before even starting. Hahaha! Happy 2016, babe! xoxo

    1. Baby steps, Shirley, baby steps and soon you can do what your son could do too! :P

  3. Great start of the year, Lina. Happy New Year to you, hubby and anak bujang :)

    1. Happy new year to you and family too. :)

  4. Well done ! I'm still lazing around since standchart... Hahaha


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