Feeling Like A Goddess At Dewi Teratai

We checked in at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel after my run at Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon and later I went to the hotel's spa; Dewi Teratai Spa to try their body scrub and Himalayan Signature massage.
While I enjoyed my spa session, which was a perfect kind of pampering for me after my run; the two boys went to the hotel's pool.
The spa has plenty of massages offered and I was intrigued with the Trekker's massage which is a mixture of Thai and Ayurvedic Massage that prepares trekkers for a tough and adventurous day.

Maybe next time, yeah? When I kena lottery. Wahahaha
I barely finished my tea before my masseuse asked me whether I was ready for my session.
My massage room, located right at the end. There is also an open air pavilion for guests to choose but it is only open up to 8.00pm. The spa is open until 10.00pm.

The body scrub really made my skin soft and after the scrub, I had my Himalayan Signature massage. Heavenly!

I felt really relaxed and it was pretty funny when my tummy started rumbling as I got a tad hungry while being massaged. Huhuhu

A 2-hour of a relaxing session, with a treat of a spiced tea later and I was done and it was time for dinner!

So syiokla to enjoy this kind of weekend once in a while. More syiok,it was all free! Hehehe

Thank you again to IOI City Mall for the stay!


  1. Glad to hear that you felt like a Goddess! Massage is always a good therapy to keep our mind , body and soul in tip top!

    1. Indeed.

      But I not kaya like Anay, cannot go often lah... HAHAHA

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed this spa experience very much. I have never had a massage like that before.

    1. Me too.

      I usually go for less luxurious ones that doesn't cost a bomb. Hihihi

  3. Once a while a good treat to yourself is good.
    I just came back from my Pedi...

  4. It's shiok when it's free ya, hehe...

  5. i thought you were just going to say you felt like a Queen, but you said you were a Goddess!!!

    that clearly tells us how HEAVENLY that pampering two hours have been for you.. ^^

  6. only once in a while.. if can do it every weekend, nice kan??

    hehehehe, then gotta be more hardworking to find sponsors dei~~


    1. Find running sponsor more syiok.

      This one, later takut lazy saja. Haha

  7. Memang syok la if like this lol. Nice to be treated like a princess some times

  8. I need one now too. Can never get enough of massages. xoxo


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