Dinner At Mahbub

So I wrote about Nasi lemak Famous in my previous post.

Last night, we went to Mahbub Restaurant which is now our preferred makan place if we're having dinner in Bangsar. 
I usually opt for mixed rice but as the current norm now, it's the more expensive choice of nasi briyani ayam madu on Friday on race week. (I have a race I'm running in tomorrow. ^^)

Sometimes just the family, sometimes with friends.

And after dinner, we can just walk over to TMC to do some grocery shopping. 
Mahbub's renowned Nasi briyani ayam madu for RM13.00.
While Hubby and son opted for naan and  chicken tandoori.

Naan for RM2.50 per piece.
Chicken tandoori for RM6.50.

Hubby and son always "complained" that the naan here is very filling and sometimes it's hard to finish a naan alone because they get full eating it! LOL

This is once in a while treat for us and the bill, with drinks came around RM30.00.

Usually, I just eat mixed rice here and it's quite affordable. Cannot eat briyani everyday also lah, right? I'm not rich dei! Hihihi

p.s. there's a new banana leaf rice joint opened in Bangsar. At the corner of the shop row along Mahbub too and it's called Bala Banana Leaf Rice. Two storey some more. 


  1. Yaloh. Briyani is so expensive and hearty too. Very full after a meal.

    I like briyani too but cannot have it every day. I prefer to go with chicken curry or mutton curry. ^^

  2. That's the whole purpose of naan what hahaha! If a naan cannot stuff you until full, then it is not a good naan in my opinion. :/

    Nice, I can recommend this place to my foreign travel blogger friends next time. They always go to Bangsar and ask me where to find authentic local food in that area...

    1. Haha true.

      Eating naan is already like eating plates of rice.

      Mahbub is nice. I like Nirwana Maju for its banana leaf rice.
      & Restoran Berjaya for its curry mee. :)

  3. I loves briyani but don't eat often as find the rice a lot which makes me very full after that...

  4. Best nyeerrr!!! I love nasi briyani and ayam madu.

  5. I raise my both hands for the naan and tandoori chicken

  6. I love to eat Nasi Briyani and Naan anytime. I only discovered recently that Naan caused me flatulence after meals. Have to cut down.

    This spectacles of yours make you look younger like a student. I must try and see.


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