A Night At Hatten Hotel Melaka, For Hatten Neon Nite Run

Since last Friday was a public holiday (being a new year and all) and there was a run held in Melaka called Hatten Neon Nite Run, plus the fact that school is opening the next week; we decided to make a short trip to Melaka to run together and enjoy a relaxing stay in a hotel.

A nice change from the usual budget hotel that we stayed in whenever we travel for an out-of-state races; we enjoyed a nice stay in a really nice room at Hatten Hotel for this trip.
On big ass Christmas tree greeted us as we entered the hotel's lobby area. Love the lights on the ceiling. 

Checking-in was a breeze and in no time at all, we got to our room.
As we entered, we were greeted with the sight of this sofa. A separate area with a sofa and a flat screen TV. Son loved it because he can have his "own" space and watch his own TV program here, while Mommy and Daddy relaxed in the other side. 
Twin beds for us. And there's another flat screen TV!
Checking out the coffee/tea area. 
and of course the toilet and bathroom. Really roomy bathroom with hand and rain showers.
Full set of amenities.
I got interested in the hotel's pizza deal but Hubby said we shouldn't order pizza for dinner. We're in Melaka after all. Must go eat asam pedas. And we did. Haha
Love their table calendar style room-service menu. Hihihi

Hatten Hotel Melaka provides free wi-fi in all rooms and the speed is really, really fast. Sure was happy with the speed after a few slow connections at other similar starred/priced hotel elsewhere. So thumbs up Hatten Hotel. 

The plus point for staying  at this hotel was  not only for the fact that it's just across the road from the Start/Finish line of Hatten Neon Nite Run but also its location of being right smack in the historical and shopping area of Melaka Raya. We only needed to walk to get to shopping spots such as Hatten Square (but of course), Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and Mahkota Parade plus it is a few minutes away from attractions such as Menara Taming Sari and historical sites such as A Famosa Fort and Stadthuys. Oh yes, Jonker Walk is nearby too. 

We could ditch the car and walk around the city as everything is nearby! Of course lah kan! 
The next morning I woke up bright and early as I've arranged to run with a friend around the city. Our plan was to do a 10K, maybe run to Jonker Walk and uphill to AFamosa Fort on our way back. But alas, it was raining rather heavily in the morning. As a matter of fact, it rained since the night before but thankfully, it only rained after we finished our run. 

So what a girl got to do?
Since we were already up and physced, not to mention we wanted to do our first run for new year and for the #2ndskindchallenge and #VRC2016 (a virtual run challenge) that we are to do from Jan 1-3, 2016; we decided to hit the hotel's gym.

Good thing we were there early as the gym got rather full later! So many hardworking and fit hotel guests!

Instead of running around Melaka City, I spent 60 minutes running with the city view from the gym on 12th floor. Ah, well... 
I later joined Hubby and Son for breakfast. As our room was located on the 21st floor, we could enjoy breakfast at Alto Sky Lounge on the 22nd Floor.

Happiness was seeing that they have cheese platter. No blue cheese though but I'm happy anyway. ^^

We lingered until well after 10.30am before returning to our room.

I wanted to read the Star newspaper and the reception had confirmed when we checked-in that we'd get the paper but funnily enough, we got a Chinese newspaper delivered to our room! Hahaha

Honest mistake by the staff lah. No biggie. Just funny. 

We checked-out at noon and although the reception was busy, what with other guests checking out at the same time too, we got it settled very quickly. Got our parking ticket validated for free parking and then after stashing our bags in our car, we head out for a walk around the area.

We only drove out after we finished sightseeing and ready to head home.

All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Now I need an excuse to return to Melaka and stay at Hatten Hotel again. Pity I didn't register for Skyhawk Nature Run which will be held on Jan 17, 2016. Otherwise, got excuse to return to Melaka and stay a night there again. Huhuhu

Anyways, I am sure looking forward to another hotel stay in the near future. Remember the hotel stay that I won earlier? *happy*


  1. The hotel looks fabulous with the room design that is thoughtful with its space and layout. Your post just reminded me that I should re-book the Citadines in Xian which has similar layour with sofa, TV area and even a pantry.

    Melaka is progressing so well now. I want to visit there soon. Thumbs up to Hatten Hotel. I am coming!

    1. My Melakan friend complains though... We came and cause traffic jam in Melaka town! LOL

      But I like Hatten Hotel's rooms.

      But lucky we stayed at upper floor because hard to get an empty lift with so many guests coming up and down.

  2. Hahaha, the Chinese newspaper part is funny, there's no Chinese newspaper title sounds like star, guess they just make a silly and funny mistake.

    1. I think it was an honest mistake by the housekeeping lah. ;)

  3. how nice to plan a last-minute trip before the school holiday ends.. the room looks nice and I like the xmas tree.. the reception must have thought you are Ah Soh instead of Makcik so she gave you Chinese newspaper, hehe!! but not all Ah Soh read Chinese newspaper though, eg: my neighbor..

    great you run sepuas-puas hati and then reward yourself with a smiley face cheese platter!! nice~~ :)

    1. I think housekeeping got all the papers a bit jumbled up that morning. Hahaha

  4. Maybe they got mixed up with the other room, so they gave wrong newspaper, hehe..

  5. I like the room lah. Some more got 2 TV, no need to fight over which channel to watch :) Must earmark this hotel in case I got chance to go to Melaka.

    1. Yes. I love the fact there's two TVs in the room too.

  6. Looks like a nice hotel, Lina. I wanna revisit Malacca! xoxo

    1. It is a nice hotel.
      And very conveniently located. :)


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