Keeping The Momentum

I managed to do 204km for the whole of December 2015 and I'm trying to keep the momentum for January 2016.

2016 is the year I am focusing on shorter distance races and I don't plan on doing any marathons until after the month of September so it's not like I need to keep a crazy, high mileage training runs from Jan - Sep. Hihihi
But consistency is important and I'll try to be consistent with my training this year.

Not forgetting enjoying every bit of the mileage I put in too!

p.s. I'm supposed to do a 5K today but since I didn't get enough sleep and am tired, I decided to rest and run tomorrow (or maybe tonight). Rest is part of training too!


  1. Wow, 204km, half of it, i don't think i can do it...

  2. Rest and sleep is very important.

  3. yes agree.. you run when you are in your fittest form..

    jangan-jangan mengantuk when you are running and fall, haha!!

    1. Sleepy better sleep. More fun to do. Lol


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