A Public Service Annoucement Of Sorts : Jom Ikrar Derma Organ

transl : let's pledge to donate organ.

Taken from www.dermaorgan.gov.my website :

"Organ donation is a medical procedure which involves process of donating organs or tissue from a living or dead person to be transplanted into living recipients who, in many cases, is very ill or dying. It is proven to save lives or improves quality of life.

The process of organ donation involves a sterile team of surgeons. The removal of organs will not cause any mutilation or disfiguration of the body. Following the removal of the organs, the surgical wound will be closed leaving no physical disfiguration.

Organ & tissue donation can be done in most of the government and private hospitals or even at home (eye donation only).

In our country, rate of organ donation is in huge demand in view of increasing number of patients who needs transplant. Both government and private sector play crucial role to spread the awareness of organ donation in every level of society".
Dr. Rafidah Abdullah, Consultant Nephrologist and Head of Dept., Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh with her "Saya Sudah Berikrar" organ donation card.

More info about organ donation can be found at the www.dermaorgan.gov.my

Let's all make our pledge to donate organs and help save lives. Give others a chance for a gift of life.

I need to make mine too!


  1. This is a good reminder, I did think about it before but never took any action.

    1. and it is easy to do our pledge now.

      But don't forget to tell our family!

  2. Agree with Phong Hong, a good reminder...

    1. What's your opinion about donating?

    2. When i die, all the organ becomes useless to me, if can save other's, why not...

  3. Very inspiring post, Lina! xoxo


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