A Luxurious Stay At Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Remember I received a voucher for a night stay at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, complete with not only breakfast but also a massage session for one?

We decided to utilise the voucher after Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon and checked-in after I finished my run there. I liked the arrangement as I was able to still wait around at the race site for friends who did either the half or full marathon to finish before we checked-in at 2.00pm at the hotel.

The thing was, I was still garbed in my running gear when we check-in. I didn't bother to change but just went ahead to have lunch and later head to the hotel in my smelly clothes! Hahaha

Anyway, checking-in was smooth. The front desk people were friendly and pretty soon we were in our room on the 6th floor.
 A very roomy room with a very, very comfy bed.
Kids sure can run around happily in this big room and this is just the deluxe room.

While the design is a bit dated, I have to say that our room was very comfy. 

Another excellent point was the super-duper good wi-fi. EVERYWHERE!  In our room. At the lobby. At the restaurants. Even at the pool. 
 Checking out the hotel's spa's promotion.
I had a complimentary Himalayan Signature Massage and body scrub session to redeem so after we were all settled in, I called the spa to make my reservation and decided to do it at 5.00pm.
The spa, together with the fitness centre and pool were all located at the LG floor. While I enjoyed my massage and body scrub session, my two boys head to the pool for some fun.
Son really liked the pool and I did too. It's a three-tier pool with the kiddie section located at the top tier. 

I noted that a recreation & spa (I think that was what was on his t-shirt) was monitoring the pool area as guests were having fun. Good to know. ^^

After my 2-hour session, I returned to our room feeling famished so hubby and I decided to walk over to the nearby IOI City Mall for dinner. Son however, being completely content at hibernating under the bedsheets, refused to follow us.
Walking out from the lobby through this column before getting to the pavement.
And we were treated with a couple of fountains along the way.
It took us only 7 minutes of leisurely walk for 500m to get from the hotel lobby to IOI City Mall. Quite convenient! 

But I do wish IOI management can perhaps arrange for a better facility for guests/pedestrian to cross the road from the resort side to the mall side. 

Went to a supermarket then tapau'ed some dinner and we head back again. It's a pity to leave our nice room for too long lah!

I'll share about my spa experience and also our morning activities in my next post(s). ^^


  1. Gosh! Some people are sure lucky!! ^^

    Great stay and pampering Lina. You deserve it.

  2. So nice! I will be like your son, don't want to leave the room hee..hee...

    1. Hahaha

      I wish to hibernate also but hungry.

      Room service so expensive!!!

  3. so nice to have a free stay in a cosy and comfortable hotel..

    i like how your son hibernated on the bed waiting for the parents to tapau food back to the room for him..

    i would also not want to leave the room if possible, hahaha~~ :D

    1. Uncle SK can lah.

      Just call room service to ask for everything. Hehehe

  4. Same with PH and your son, i would not want to leave the room, hehe...

    1. If not because of hunger, I would too! LOL

  5. When one is so used to sleep in tiny and crammed rooms in Japan, this big roomy room you had was super luxurious to my eyes!!! Dated or not, my eyes would doze off into same dreams regardless of the room's interior. The fountain shot was beautiful too.

    Your anak manja is growing up and pretended not to follow so that mummy & daddy had a quiet romance!

    Waiting for your spa news!

    1. Anay had plenty of luxurious stay in hotels all over the world... :)

  6. Good lar, must pampered yourself and family after a hard run! The room looks spacious and pleasant! Wah ... I mever tried Ayurvedic massage before...! How was it ?


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