Gulai Kampung Revisit

On our way back from our short trip to Melaka during the new year weekend, we stopped by Bandar Baru Bangi for a rather late lunch.

I wanted to eat kampung style food and Hubby obligingly made a detour to Bangi instead of us heading straight home.
A meal for three. Two gulais and some ulams.
I chose my favourite, daging salai masak lemak (RM10 per bowl). The beef was tender and the gravy had a really nice kick.
And the boys had their favourite, siput sedut masak lemak (RM8 for a full bowl). 

I love the siput sedut too, but I still like my daging salai more. Hah hah.
This was our second time here for me and Hubby but Son's first visit. 

A meal for three that's totally enjoyable. Especially with the company I love. ^^


  1. what a loving husband he is.. you wanted that and he obligingly detour to Bangi for you!!

    or probably he himself was kepunan for that already, and since someone suggested... hehehe!!!

    1. If he doesn't, he probably need to pujuk me after that lah! Hahaha

  2. Huwah! I want the daging salai masak lemak!


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