A New Experience : Powerman Asia Dualthon Championship (Malaysia)

The Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships - Malaysia will make a comeback to Putrajaya on March 6th, 2016, after a 2-year hiatus in the region. The event will see around 3,000 participants including top duathletes from around the world participating in the run-bike-run duathlon race format.
The categories available for the Powerman Championship.

I experienced my first Powerman as a supporter in 2013, when it was last held in October 2013.That year, Hubby and I decided to went down to Palace of Justice to cheer for friends who did the race.
A friend who was finishing her run leg. She did the Powerman Classic in 2013.
Another friend on bike transition. 

I thought I should try and experience it this year after learning that Powerman Championship is back to Malaysia. As I won't be cycling, I'll be joining the relay category with a cyclist friend of mine (a new friend actually. Hehehe). I'll do the run leg and she'll do the cycle leg.

Looking forward to a new experience in March!


  1. Relay category sounds better right? Each person focus on one task. Good luck Lina and your new friend.

    1. Actually, solo is better.

      For me lah.

      Because you accomplished all discipline yourself. Haha

  2. interesting that the have relay category for those who are not the all-rounders..

    I wonder when will Mak Glam go cycling?? ^^

  3. All the best to your coming March Relay, Lina! As chinese used to say.. Kah Yau... Lina Boleh! hahaha...

  4. Oh..interesting, i didn't know it can be a relay!

    1. Yup. Can do relay.

      Even Ironman 70.3 also can do relay. Hehehe

  5. #eh #eh 😘 Good luck lina! 💪🏼

  6. Replies
    1. It's something new for me. :)

      I've done running relays but not run-bike-run relays before.


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