First Road Race Of 2016 : MPI Generali Run 2016

I joined the first and second edition of MPI Generali Run (formerly know as MPIB Run) in 2012 and 2013. It clashed with another race that I've registered in 2014 & 2015 so I gave the run a miss.

I was pretty excited to run in it again this year and see whether I can improve my 2013 timing for the 12K route. For that reason, I registered under the 12K speedster category instead of the leisure category which was flagged-off 15 minutes after the speedster category.
yes, we faced an incline immediately as we started. Bukit Tunku area, mah
The speedster category for both the 12K and 9K was at 7.02am. 15 minutes later it was the leisure category turn, followed by the 5K category and last was the 3K walk category.

So I entered the speedster category. I was actually quite worried about it because I had assumed those registered in this category would be ALL aiming for a fast time (OKlah fast, subject to their own pace) but to my surprise, quite a number of runners were just walking a 100m from the starting line! Some seemingly were just happily enjoying their friends/boyfriend/girlfriend company and they're in the speedster category! What la...

As I started at the back, these runners made it hard for others at the back to run at a good pace. It wasn't until the first incline after KM2 that the packed crowd started to thin out.

Although I had a target (a rather modest target though), I ran feeling quite relaxed. But I did feel a tad uncomfortable as I had to hold my pee! LOL

Anyways, I managed to get an average of 6:35min/km pace for the first 9K. Then at the point where 12K & 9K runners merged with 5K runners, I chose to just walk for about 1K. I only started running again after KM10, as 5K runners turned left towards the finish line and 12K runners head straight for the balance of 2K. 
Reached 10K mark at 1:10 (which was rather slow) so I was happy that I managed run the balance of the run (2K) in 10 minutes and able to shave-off 3 minutes from my 2013 MPI Run in the same route and in a rather relaxed state and seeing Hubby and Son who did 5K already waiting for me at the finish line.
Hubby and Son both did 5K this morning and they managed to do it in less than 38 minutes or so. Son has not been running much lately and the only recent run that he did was the Hatten Neon Nite Run 10 days ago, so I was happy with his progress. 
Hopefully, we can fit in more runs for the whole family to run for 2016!
Son's first road race medal for 2016. Mommy is super proud of him.
Post-race refreshment were awesome.

We were served not only with water and bananas, we enjoyed Nestle cereals, Milo, Nestle ice-cream, Cool Tea canned drinks, popcorns, steamed corn, kacang putih and even cotton candies!

We lingered a bit to enjoy almost all the refreshments before making our way back.

Thank you to race organiser, volunteers and also friends for a great morning workout.


  1. So some of those who signed up for the speedster category were more of leisure category. Kind spoil it for the serious speedsters yah?

    1. Yes, I feel it spoils the purpose of having different categories.

    2. Totally agree with you! Thought of having a smooth start for speedsters but still the same, ppl are clumping with their friends/family.

    3. Ya, spoil a bit right?

    4. Anyway, this is the first year introduce such category, I think next year would be better! ^^

  2. what a happy activity that the Glam's were doing together and everyone's bringing a medal home (to the collection in the mooncake box under the bed)..

    1. Haven't started putting the latest ones in there yet.

      They're strewn around the house. Lol

  3. I'm most interested to read about the post-run refreshment and this one has got lots of choices!! I think if I am to run, the refreshments would be my biggest motivation, muahahaha!! ^^

  4. Some of friends also ran this race , must be a good one ! My next race is in April .. Hahah.. Let me see if got any other races to run.

    1. It's one of the cheapest 12K & 9K run in Malaysia, from a big organiser.

      And it covers the epic hilly Bukit Tunku area.

      That's why it's rather popular. :)

      All the best for your next race.

  5. Wow!! Your handsome boy has grown so tall now. The last time I saw him, still could hide behind your aprons! Wakakaka

    Congrats boy! Mummy is proud and Uncle Anay also tumpang happy!

  6. Congratulations to both Mother and Son! Like mother like son.. both of you have a great bonding... Thumbs UP!

  7. Wah, quite a lot of participants eh?

    And well done all of you!

    1. About 5000 participants, which I really think is the max capacity the venue can handle.
      Other runs held at the same venue are about the same size too. :)


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