I finally stepped into define:food which is located at the Signature Offices, Boulevard Mid Valley (opposite Tim Ho Wan) and with a nice view of the fountains in front of Gardens Mall.
I only had one photo taken, and that's of my salted duck egg pasta (RM38.00).

It was really nice and creamy and had a strong duck taste. Definitely not for everyone. Hehehe

But what stayed in my mind was the nice ambiance, the attentive staff that kinda offset the rather slow service (I guess kitchen was overwhelmed).

I liked the fact that they took note of my friend "disability" as she came with crutches and held the accessibility lift ready for her. 

What I don't like was, the fact they stealthily charge RM1 for water that they poured immediately as we sat down. Hey! We ordered other drinks too! 

Define:food has a pretty decent 2-course and 3-course set lunch and maybe, just maybe I'll try it when I go there again.


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