Friday Date Of Rojak And Cendol

It's one of those rare days that I get to enjoy lunch with Hubby on a weekday.

I took a half-day off for an appointment in Shah Alam and Hubby had nicely agreed to send me there (as always lah)...

But before we went for our 3.30pm appointment, a quick lunch by the roadside, right beside Section 17's wet market.

We enjoyed Mustafa Rojak (RM5.00).
Very, very sedap.

But definitely for fussy, must sit down properly type of diners. Hahaha
 And we cooled down with a bowl of cendol (RM2 for small, RM3 for big) from the truck next to Mustafa's called Ali Rojak and Cendol.
A quick, cheap meal and off we went to Saujana Resort afterwards! ^^


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