Weekend's Running

The family will be heading to my hometown this weekend but we'll be back to KL by Sunday.
I'm planning to do my long run at Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) final running clinic.  SCKLM 2017 is just 4-weeks away! Gasp!
Don't see why Hubby and Son should wait and be bored at Taman Bukit Jalil so they're going to Mid Valley Charity Run (MVCCR) while waiting for me to finish my session.
More productive that way, mah.
Plus they get to redeem more stuff at MVCCR. Hahaha
Anyways, have fun and enjoy the 3day weekend, Malaysians!


  1. lina is still active as ever. Run after run, but why no see lina at bukit larut on 9 April. I was searching high and low and the race bib was published on website.

    U have fun in all your runs. Will drop by again.

    1. Yanie, that is not my name la... Different father. Hahaha

  2. In Singapore some folks spotted the haze. Hope it was a hoax.

  3. What's the haze?


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