Larian MPAJ 2017

It was a pretty last minute decision to run in Larian MPAJ which was held in Taman Melawati. I didn't know what to expect because this was my first time running in a race in the area, but judging by the route map and elevation, it's a pretty "interesting" route.
A good route for a spot of hill training, right?
But woe betide, I had a rather fitful sleep due to my tummy acting up. Gastric and I really dunno what triggered it (high chance it was the big ass coffee I drank at the Putrajaya Food Truck Fiesta lah).

Can't really sleep and spent a few times in the loo so I finally woke up, showered, dressed at 4am and ate breakfast (just half boiled eggs as I can't really eat anything solid once gastric acts up) and took my charcoal pill and Gaviscon.

After my horrible Twincity Marathon, my GP had advised me to take charcoal pills to control the wind in my tummy before I run in morning races.

Had half thought to DNS the run but in the end, I went ahead and ran and finished the run.
The 12K category was supposed to be flagged-off at 7am and the 5K at 7.15am but in the end, 12K was flagged-off at around 7.15am; after briefing by the traffic police and also a speech by YDP (I think) MPAJ. He told runners, with 3,000 runners participating; Larian MPAJ 2017 was the biggest MPAJ Run todate.

I thought the first km was slow as I started at the back and the front runners weren't that fast and there were a few sections where roads were narrow (due to ongoing construction).

We faced an incline even before we got to 1K mark and it continued to be undulating.

Water stations were located at KM3, KM6 & KM9. All served mineral water and 100-plus. Marshals were located at ALL junctions and they were all very proactive. A number cheered for us too.

Seen along the route were notices of road closure due to the Larian MPAJ. Don't see such notices being put at many races elsewhere.

While distance marker were only placed at 3K interval (at water stations), signages were ample to direct runners to run their correct route.

And what a nice route it is.
There were plenty of greenery, and when we ran in Jalan Kolam Air; we had a nice view of Bukit Tabur and also the neighborhood below. KLCC could be seen too.

The road was not fully closed for traffic but the drivers who drove past us were all really, really patient.
As I mentioned earlier, there were a number of narrow stretches and traffic really slowed down and drove patiently until they were sure they could drove past us safely.

I didn't hear a single honk while I ran in Larian MPAJ!

I made a point not to look at how fast I ran and just ran as how I felt. Unfortunately, I was feeling quite crappy (hahaha) and I did thought that I was running slower than my intended pace.

Turned out my pace was 30sec/km faster than my target pace for the first 8K. Adeh... 

But I walked up the incline at KM9 as I had a tummy cramp. Bumped into a friend while I was walking and she later sped ahead. 

It was pretty much a pace 9 (kahkahkah) for KM9 and KM10 before I started running again as we approached a downhill.

Another friend hollered from behind "Orang Putrajaya lari sini" hahaha

We ran almost together for the final 2K which was kinda quite mental. It was flat and with a number of turns. It's like, "when will I see the finish line" and I only saw it after making the final left turn for the last 100m or so.
Crossed the finish line, got my medal (which I immediately stashed inside my pocket) and went to collect my refreshments. Hot dog, a whole box of Cheerios and iced tea (I think).

There were Milo vans and 100-Plus booths too and also other sponsors' booth.
It's a no-frills run but quite well executed. The route was interesting. Marshals were awesome. Water stations ample. 

Interesting post-race activities.

All for RM57 registration fees for the 12K category and RM45 for 5K fun run category.

It would've been nicer if the organiser include a Women Veteran category next year instead of just Women Open.

And maybe put distance markers too?

I had fun and looking forward to return for 2018's edition! 

Race results and e-certificate are available at:

Congrats everyone!


  1. wah lau eh...definitely mamarazzi cannot catch up LOL

    1. Ahhh... planning to run with me? come come :)

  2. Oh dear, better take care! Hope all's well, Lina. xoxo

  3. I had gastric pain once and couldn't sleep the whole night. I should stock up on Gaviscon. My supply ran out.

    1. Ya, I always stock up.

      It's ugly if not. Huhu


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