Rimba Alam and An Ultra Makan Session

After a 10K run on Saturday morning, the family went to Taman Rimba Alam. 

We went there for two reasons.

One: To see whether we would be needed at the Rimba Alam Ultra Relay REPC which was held on Saturday, 01.04.2017 from 9.30am to 2,30pm.
We arrived to see the REPC on a full swing with a numbers of runners already there for their race kits. Deo, the RD was there alone, trying to accommodate those who were coming to collect their race kits and also getting some race merchandise.

Seeing that there was one runner who was quite impatient and was quite vocal about his displeasure in waiting, Zaini and I decided to step in and help out a bit.

Other runners were quite relaxed and a couple actually waited until everyone had settled to collect theirs.

Ya, well. Even Susan Swier who came was patiently waiting her turn. 
There was a trial run open to test out the Rimba Ultra Relay route from 7.00am to 9.30am and the RD had also prepared some refreshements.

Those who came to collect their race kits that morning was also offered breakfast of Nasi Lemak and bread. 

Second reason for visiting Taman Rimba Alam:
I wanted to do some "shoot" for a product I received for an upcoming review.

We stayed around until 2.30pm (got free food mah!) before making our way to Presint 3, Putrajaya for light lunch. We didn't want to eat anything heavy as we were going to a food review session later in the evening and I suggested we go eat cendol at Go Lokal Cafe.
Go Lokal Cafe is located in Suria Mall (same building as Dorsett Hotel, Putrajaya) and we went there for the cendol.

The have lunch combo at RM9.90 (main+cendol) and we ended up eating lunch on top of our cendol anyway. 
 Hubby had Curry Mee and Jackfruit Cendol (extra RM1.00 for the jackfruit)
While I had Laksa Johor and Corn Cendol (extra RM0.50).

Son just paw'ed our lunch as he was full from three pack of nasi lemak eaten at the Rimba Alam Ultra Relay. People kept passing him nasi lemak and asking him to eat! LOL

Then we went back home, rested a bit before heading out to Alam Impian for a food review at Seafood Alfresco!

I'll tell you about it in my next post lah...


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