SCKLM Running Clinic Progress Log

Last Sunday, 23 April was the final session of SCKLM Running Clinic (SCKLM RC) in Taman Bukit Jalil. Truthfully, I had half expected a lower turnout than the previous sessions as there were a number of races around town.
But runners did came in droves for the running clinic and I was one of them. Heh.

I only managed to join 3 out of 5 sessions at Taman Bukit Jalil.
  • The first session on Feb 26th, while preparing for Bukit Jalil Half Marathon. 
  • The second session was held on Mar 12th, which clashed with Bukit Jalil Half Marathon so I had to give it a miss. I did however had a good run in Bukit Jalil HM which I attributed to the mileage done at SCKLM RC.
  • The third session was on Mar 26th, and I did register for it. I wasn't able to attend in the end, nursing a back ache. A really bad one. One that made me stop running for a couple of weeks. Ugh.
  • Fourth session was on Apr 9th and I was back attending it. I hadn't been running that much and wasn't looking to do all 6 loops so I only did 5 loops (which I regretted later, for not doing all 6).
  • Fifth and last session was on Apr 23rd and every time I wanted to be lazy and stop running, I told myself how I regretted not completing all 6 loops during the previous session. Hahaha
I do like attending the running clinic. We learn tips from Coach Mark Williams and we get to run with other runners with race-like support - drinks (water & isotonic), bananas and even coffee after our run! They're free too! It's not glamour of course, since we don't get any freebies and of course no medals but I do like competing with myself and SCKLM RC, providing timing chip at their session; provides me the data. Which I likeeeeee (kinda fun to see, on top of my Polar data.)

Thanks SCKLM for all the sessions.

And hopefully toeing the line at SCKLM 2017 in about 3-weeks time. *gasp*


  1. My friend also enjoyed running clinics like you. Now I understand it better.

  2. I learn a lot from your post too, Lina! My first time hearing about running clinic. xoxo


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