Seafood Binge At Seafood Alfresco, Alam Impian

Seafood Alfresco is so syiok, I attempted a live FB video for the first time ever!

And makan ketam nipah, no less!

Pardon the video and the model... Tak biasa buat video lagi. LOL
Seafood Alfreso Alam Impian is a unique dining experience. Diners dine in a European outdoor style setting and we get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the entertainment surrounding us while we eat.
It's indeed a special, "high-class" food truck event held at Alam Impian Sales Gallery every first Saturday of the month. 

I wanted to visit when it was held in March but what with the chaos of collecting Powerman race kit and supporting Powerkids the same evening; we had to give it a miss. 

We made a point to visit on April 1st and braved through heavy rain traffic to travel to Alam Impian. Luckily, the rain had stopped when we got there and as we walked from the carpark to the sales gallery, we saw visitors with packs and packs of food that they bought from the food trucks. That's a good sign, right?

There are nine food trucks at Seafood Alfresco Alam Impian, each with its signature dishes.
 Raja Teh Ais with their Teh Ais concoctions. Raja Teh Ais doesn't use sugar but use honey instead.
Pianna Cafe with Uncle Bob Fried Chicken and sausages. Well, someone might not want or cannot eat seafood, right? ^^
 Sotong Bakar Morib with their Sotong Bakar (of course!) and Tahu Bakar.
 KD catering with their pasta dishes and some local and western desserts.
 The Tokyo Burger with Japan-style burgers.
 The Fish Monger with a whole lot of seafood selection! Crabs! ICT! Prawns!
 Impresz'A Ice Coffee & Tea with their selection of... coffee and tea.
KL Churros! Need we say more? Churros lah!

We would love and order food from each truck, which is selected specially for this event and with menus that doesn't overlap each other and that enable us diners to enjoy a variety of food; but alas, tummy kecik. But there's something for everyone!

First thing first before we started ordering our food was to "chop" a table.

The setting is really nice and spacious. Romantic too, so it's actually a nice place to bring a date.

Nice to bring the whole gang too. Whole clan can come and children can enjoy running around the open area.
Imagine this place after dark, and the candles are all lighted. So romanticccccccccccc!!!
Each table is numbered and the reason being, after we made our order, the food will be delivered to our table.
First order that came was our churros from KL Churros.  Hulahop churros (RM6) and churros with drizzled with nutella (sorry not sure the price of this). Classic churros is priced at RM5 per set.

Sedap, I tell you! This seriously is a must try for dessert lovers!

Don't ask why we ate this first before our main meal. wakaka
Then it was our Sotong Bakar (small RM15/Big RM25) from Sotong Bakar Morib. Nyum nyum.
Makan already so got thirsty and it was perfect timing for the special Raja Teh Ais tea. We ordered their Teh Ais Laici, Teh Ais Cincau and Teh Ais Madu, all priced at RM6 each. It was very nice and with a pronounced honey taste.

Then it was time for our main attraction to arrive. The Ketam Nipah Masak Cili Klasik (RM40/500gm) with either mantou or rice served, from The Fish Monger.

OMG! Sedap! The crab was divine and we just couldn't get enough of the sauce. We totally used the mantou and the corn served on the side to scrape off the sauce. Definitely a must try if you guys visit Seafood Alfresco!
Churros and chili crabs? Why not?
Can you believe that we still have space in our tummy after all that food?

Our last order for the day was the Soft Shell Crab Burger (RM15) from The Tokyo Burger. The soft shell burger was nice and soft and fleshy.
This dude here sure look happy enjoying his soft shell crab burger.
I would love to stay longer and enjoy the ambiance and also the busker's live performance but we gotta leave early as I have a race to run in the next day. Can't stay up too late!
Seafood Alfresco is held every FIRST SATURDAY of the month, from 3pm to 10.30pm.

I noticed that there is a park adjacent to the Alam Impian Sales Gallery so it will be great to bring the whole family, enjoy the outdoors and some running around and also enjoy the food at the Seafood Alfresco.

For more information and updates, visit their Facebook page: Seafood Alfresco Alam Impian or call  013-6064578.

Next month, I'm bringing my siblings here for dinner! Maybe I should camp there from 3pm until they close at 10.30pm next month. HAHAHA

Mark you calendar for May 6th!


  1. Wah...I see you in action makan the ketam, I also teringin!

  2. Alam Impian... near those Setia Alam, Klang area? A bit too far for me even when I go back home to KL. Hope they open somewhere closer to Ampang...

    1. Who knows? They might do it in Ampang soon.

  3. Wah!! I also love this ambiance with so many cute & fanciful trucks. The crabs looked delicious. Make more videos please as I am your fan.

    1. Hahaha ok. Wait for more videos soon, just for Anay. :p

  4. Wah, I nak ketam tu. Hehehe..

    1. During the school holiday, Taiping here got this kinda of food truck event. But kesian ler, raining. So we didn't go.


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