The Hometown Stopover

During the 3-day weekend last week, we travelled back to my hometown for my cousins' (plural, as they were two cousins) wedding.
As a treat for Son, a stopover at a roadside stall between Bentong and Raub to buy some nangka (jackfruit). He loves jackfruit and those sold at the roadside, the nangka madu are really sweet and quite cheap (compared to KL lah...)

No, no durian stop for us.

Only one durian lover in the family so I don't have veto power. Hahaha
But I did get my wish to enjoy Kow Po's homemade ice cream in Bentong.

Hubby had cendol with banana ice cream.
And I shared three scoops with Son.

Heavenly sinful and rich chocolate ice cream, creamy peanut ice cream and a mellow caramel ice cream. Yums.
In case you're wondering how to find Kow Po Ice Cream shop.


  1. The ice cream must be really good.

  2. Yes! Their honey nangka is the best in the world. I love them all. Raub's soil is so fertile to have the best durians, nangka and what else...?


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