Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Year Family Get-Together At Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse, Bangi

On the second day of the new year, after our return from our trip to Melaka, we had dinner with my siblings.

One of my siblings suggested we try the Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse in Bangi. It's located along the rows of restaurants including several Chinese Muslim restaurants there. If I'm not mistaken they used to have two outlets in Bangi but when I was last there, only one was still open. The other one closed down? (or I remember wrongly kah?)
Son's little cousins were all very well-behaved that night. ^^
After we made our order and while waiting for our food to be served, we celebrated Son and his aunt's birthday.

Our food were served according to the order we made i.e. first to make order got food first which was nice because we got our food first! Hahaha

The food we enjoyed, in no particular order :
From the kid's menu : fish & chips 
Another one from the kid's menu : nuggets & chips 
Grilled lamb shoulder that came with mixed vege and corn on the cob.
Grilled salmon (or pan-fried salmon, can't remember exactly) for my sister.
Nasi goreng Tok Mak for my brother and his wife. It was a tad spicier than they had expected, due to perhaps cili padis in the rice.
Thai green curry rice. Looks good and filling, don't you think? The rice was served with a fried egg and some keropok too. 
Beef burger for one of  my sister.
Nasi goreng SWIK.
Me, Son & Hubby enjoyed this. Sizzling Cowboy Steak. The steak was a tad hard but it is still good value for money.

All in all it was a good dinner outing with the family.

Service was reasonably fast and staff were friendly.

All the above food (and some more not featured) for 12 adults, with ice-cream for the kids and drinks only came up to about RM390.00.

Good value.

The only exasperating thing about this chain of restaurants is that they don't seem to have any website or facebook page anymore to refer to. In this day and age. Haish.


  1. Nice gathering and meal with your family. The kids were so well-behaved and posed for camera.

    Food looked good. Nicely presented too.

  2. the lamb chop and the salmon steak! Good to reward yourself for all the running as well as get together !

    1. Haiyoh, running not so much already. No need to reward lah! LOL

  3. The grand total of the bill is RM390, with steaks and lamb chops. Worth it la.

  4. So many cousin's around. I like this kind of outing with family. Sungguh meriah

  5. wow that's a big family and the young man is now Tai Kor of so many little cousins!! Happy Birthday to Raimie, a greeting 2 weeks late :p

    1. Actually, 1 month, two weeks late! LOL

  6. aiyoh the food all looked good and I guess I would have a hard time deciding what to have.. maybe I can request the cowboy steak on the nasi goreng SWIK?? :p

    1. You can order whatever you want, Uncle SK.

      As long as you're paying! Muahaha

  7. See the gathering makes me look forward to CNY gathering with my relatives and cousins...

  8. The food looks pretty good and I like the presentation. Family gatherings are always lots of fun.

  9. Er.. is it alright for me to ask what's the difference between Islamic steakhouse vs, say, Tony Roma's or TGIF? Recently I seen one such steakhouse open near my area also when we were out and about for our team lunch. My colleague said "X tau abenda ni, klu nak makan stik, boleh pi TGIF pon."

    1. Very very syariah compliant lor...

      TGIF and TR still got served alcohol.



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