50th Anniversary of Ultraman Special Converse Shoes

In May this year, Converse Japan released an Ultraman Collection sneakers to mark Ultraman's 50th Anniversary.

The three sneakers in their Converse x Ultraman features Ultraman, Eleking and Baltan Seijin and its under their Working Heroes series. Other working heroes featured are much more down-to-earth - astronaut (OK this one not really very down-to-earth la), policeman, fireman, hunter and mechanic. Go figure.

Hubby had planned to buy them during our vacation in Japan in October and we looked for them on our last day in Tokyo.

The shoes aren't a NEW ARRIVAL anymore in October and we actually found a shop selling it at 30% off retail price. Alas, they were the last pair and it wasn't hubby's size.
Hubby with the All-Star Ultraman R HI with a red and silver color scheme. 
But we finally agreed that the All-Star Baltan Seijin R Slip OX is much nicer. Hehehe

No photo of the Eleking shoes. Lupa to take lah...

We finally bought two pairs (one for Hubby and one for Son) at Ikedaya, in Ameyoko Ueno. 9,500yen with 10% off and tax free to boot so we only paid about 8,500yen per pair.

It was a surprise gift for Son as his current Converse is a bit too tight for him. ^^

Both of them has yet worn their new shoes. Not even when they watched the Ultraman Live in Genting last week!

I hope those shoes won't just be a collector's item. They need to be worn! Hahaha


  1. Yeah they need to wear the shoes. Otherwise pass to me please!! Hihihihi

    1. Hahaha

      But have to make sure it's your size. ;-)


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