A 2nd Spot Finish In Team Relay At MRCA Charity Run Team Relay 2016

It was early this month that a friend asked a few of us to join her and run in a relay at MRCA Charity Run Team Relay event.

I kept quiet during the discussion, fully mindful that I had not been able to honour my commitment to run in the Allianz Pacesetter Relay which was held on Nov 5th, 2016. I had to find a replacement runner and thankfully the organiser was gracious enough in accepting the last minute change. So I thought I better not kepoh in another relay run, in case I can't run again.
It was just a 900m run where each of the 4-person team member needed to run 900m. Somehow, not only was I to run in the relay; I got roped in as team captain pulak! Hahahadoi.

For the MRCA Charity Run Team Relay, our team ran for Simply Awesome; one of the companies which had donated for the charity run. You might know them better for Nana's Green Tea. ^^

Truth be told, I was a bit hesitant in joining the relay race. It was just 900m and I still need to wake up at 5.00am!!!

Luckily, a friend and fellow blogger (the one who racun us all to join this event); Evelyn or better known as Missyblurkit suggested a 5K warm-up run before the relay event.
I was the first runner for the team. In the Relay team, at least one runner must be a female and the first runner MUST be a female too.
Barely 50m into the run, I kept feeling like my cap would be flown off so I took it off and momentarily thought about just chucking it aside. In the end, I held my cap and our baton in my hands. 

It took me 4min to finish my run and I finished at 6th placing (according to Hubby) and I handed my baton to my teammate, Nelly.

She was fast and managed to "potong" two runners in front of her.

Hunky Wooi Keat was our third runner and he managed to bridge the gap with the lead runner even further.

Our last runner was Sam and he helped the team to bag a provisional third place finish! Yeay!
Our Team Asam Pedas representing Simply Awesome.

We were pretty happy with our third placing.
Team Asam Pedas and Team Nasi Lemak. Team Nasi Lemak ran for Baagus Curtain. 
While waiting for the prize presentation, we were informed that we were actually the runner-up for the team relay. Much better! Ho yeah!

We were so damn happy lah of course when we got up the stage for our prize presentation!
With the team, after the prize presentation, with our framed cert (that consisted of a shirt, placing medal too. Cool, eh?), our trophy and prize. 
With Nelly, my teammate. This is one powderful ultra runner lady. 
Each of us received this fitbit flex for our prize.
An unredeemed food redemption card which we got in our goodies bag after the run. I guess most of the relay runners were unable to redeem anything because by the time we finished our run, all the booths had pretty much being closed. And I was eyeing the Subway cookies before the run. Huhuhu

At least Milo and 100-Plus got lah (but Abang Milo also want to close shop already)...

It was fun to run in a team event, no matter how long or short the distance. Fun but very,very pressure also.

As we were running as a team, we all wanted to do our best for the team and everyone in the team pushed hard and we got rewarded for our tram effort.

Congrats Team Asam Pedas and thank you for being in the team.

Plus, I hope Simply Awesome is proud and happy with our achievement too. ^^

And great job to MRCA and also KPDNKK for the charity run!


  1. Well done Team Asam Pedas! Too bad no food left for you guys :(

    1. No food never mind after getting our prize. LOL

      Thanks PH :)

  2. Replies
    1. TQ.

      And thank you for roping us in the relay. :P

  3. A big Congratulations to your Team Asam Pedas for the 3rd Placing. You all had very good team spirit.


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