A PB Dinner At Plan B

I've always wanted to eat at Plan B again as it had been ages since we last went there. Well, felt like ages but Hubby and I actually went there for brunch to celebrate my getting a 5th placing at Jog 4 Hope 10K in August! Muahahaha
But really, it had been ages since we visited Plan B in Bangsar Village for dinner and it was so long, menu changed also I dunno. LOL

The two boys chose their meal from the normal menu while I decided to take advantage of the Makan Malam promo to get free desserts.
Our meal started with the Nacho Everyday Salad (with smoked salmon). I had been hankering for some salmon but I told myself I needed a PB in my run to enjoy them.

Well, running at a 4:44min/km pace during a relay run counts as a PB, right? And our team bagged 2nd placing too!

So let the salmon bingeing begins! Hahaha
Son had the spaghetti meatball.
Hubby chose the Yeezus Royale (whatever that means)...
Hubby actually complained that I was being greedy when I ordered not only the salad but also this Pan-Seared Salmon with Pesto Rice plus the free dessert.

Not to worry. I finished everything!

Love the salmon and the rice was nice and fluffy and light. A perfect match.
For my free dessert, I chose Salted Caramel Brownies. Utterly sinful and sedap.

It was a satisfying dinner and I guess I need another running milestone soon if I want to eat this good again! Hahaha


  1. Wah, makan besar lah you! Everything looks so good especially the dessert :)

  2. Wow! Salmon-craze huh?? But everything looked delish. Indeed the dessert was so sinful and satisfying. Haha.

    1. Just to satisfy a craving. I promised myself I won't enjoy salmon before achieving a good running milestone as a form of motivation. Hahaha


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