A Wet Fun Night At Bukit Cinta

It was a rare occasion for me to run at Bukit Cinta in the evening on a working weekday but last Thursday was an exception.

A friend wanted to run there on Thursday after work and I decided to join her. I kinda miss running there. I used to go there once a week in the morning before work, to run either around Bukit Cinta or doing track workout at the stadium before it was closed for upgrading.

So I waited for Thursday excitedly. We were supposed to start at around 6.15pm but I got held up at the office and only managed to arrive at 6.40pm!

Sorry Aiza!
We only managed to do a loop of 5km. Barely into our 2nd km, rain suddenly poured and poured down hard. We had no choice other than to just continue our run back to where our cars were parked.
Photo by Aiza
Everyone was drenched!

We decided to stop after the one loop because there was thunder and lightning too and it would be dangerous to continue running. I don't mind running in the rain but not with lightning! 

It was sure a nice run and a good last minute hill workout for me, to prepare for last Sunday's half marathon at Putrajaya Night Marathon.

I'm hoping to run there again this Thursday and I sure hope I won't be held up at the office again. I want to go off work on time this Thursday! Hahaha


  1. I wanted to laugh at the thoughts when I bravely went to run in the rain. The lightning struck so low and my hair stood up over my frozen body. Don't play play! LOLOL

    Putrajaya night runs are still the best!!

    1. Aiyoh anay, so scary la your experience.

  2. It's like playing in the rain :) Yesterday afternoon's rain was quite heavy with loud thunderstorm. I was outside and had to stand around waiting for the rain to subside.

  3. I don't mind wearing red :)

  4. The only thing I like about rainy days are stayin' inside dry and lyin' in bed sleepin'


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